Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Princess Attea from Ben 10: Alien Force

My take on a more 'realistic' Princess Attea from the Cartoon Network show Ben : Alien Force: Princess Attea Wiki

I tweaked her face a bit in the 'Naughty' images, 'tooning' it up a bit, although that messed with the 'No Nose' and 'No Ears' morphs I used, so I used my poor skills in photoshop to try to correct that.

This image was inspired by something I saw at Rule 34 (see image above).  As I just picked up what I call a 'Stunt Tongue', I tried to duplicate the long, twisting tongue look, with debatable results.

I enjoyed putting this together, as I have the most fun 'kitbashing' together something to look like what a character is wearing instead of just picking up a 'on model' outfit someone else has made, whenever possible at least (the more 'generic' the outfit, the better, of course).

I never watched much of Ben 10 myself, but from the few episodes I did see over its run, and from what I have heard online, it was a show that could stand with Gargoyles, Justice League Unlimited, or even Batman The Animated Series in its quality.  It also wasn't 'static', each season the cast got older and more experienced.... until the inevitable 'reboot' that happened recently, that is.

I remember seeing an episode with Attea, and the first thing I noticed is that she sounded a bit like 'classic' Harley Quinn.  The character's voice actress is Tara Strong, best known for voicing Raven on "Teen Titans" and who, curiously enough, voices Harley in most of her recent animated appearances.
I may do more 'naughty' stuff with her later, since I have a 'Looma Red Wind' put together (another character I did based on previous Rule 34 material instead of having watched the show).

 One final thing: I've noticed that Attea's alien race (the 'Incursians') seem to follow a classic sci-fi/fantasy trope:  The men of her race look like humanoid frogs, but the females look like humans with some minor differences (no nose officially, although I've seen her drawn without ears/hair as well [don't know if that's official or not, though]).  I remember an issue of the Fantastic Four drawn by John Byrne where we get to see female Skrulls for what I think is the first time, and aside from the pointed ears, strange iris, and ruffled chins, look like otherwise beautiful human women (then again, John just couldn't draw an ugly woman unless he tried really hard :-)).

Saturday, August 10, 2019

The Clown

"I am The Clown.

"I am the spirit of Merriment and Mirth made Manifest.

"I am the Holy Fool, for only I would go where Angels fear to tred.

"I am the Court Jester.  The only one who can speak Truth to the King, and thus remind him of his connection with the Common Folk.

" I am Mighty, for I can lift the heaviest of Hearts, and give them reason to face the world again.

"I can look my Darkest of reflections squarely in the eye, and tell IT to lighten up with a Joke-er two.

"I am The Clown; come, and Laugh with me, or Laugh AT me, so long as I hear your Laughter"


     This is one of the rare times I don't do a necessarily sexualized image, but she may return in the future, with my standard Uber Boobs, maybe around Halloween, to face off her evil counterparts :-)

     The genesis of this image came when I saw the trailer for "IT, part 2": IT, Part 2 Trailer

     I was a bit into the works of Steven King back in my high school years (oddly enough, around the same time that "IT, Part 1" was set in :-)), and "IT" is one of my favorite of his novels.

     However, there is a part of me that is just getting sick to death of Clowns being portrayed as objects of Evil and Fear, when that is not at all what they are meant to represent.  I even read that real life party clowns were having their income affected by the current 'Evil Clown' craze.

     I don't call myself a 'poet'; in fact, I've only ever written one 'story', again back in my high school days.  I thought I was writing the perfect story.  Then I set it aside, and a few months later went back to read it.  What an utter piece or CRAP!! :wow:.  After that I never put pencil to paper again :roll:

     Although I pulled the 'poem' above out of my own head, I'm certain someone else has said the same thing much better than I did.

     I was initially going to make a separate image for each 'stanza' of the poem, but of course got too lazy and just settled for this single one.

Halo Effect

"Violet Harper, member of the teen super-group 'Young Justice', engages in a test of her light based powers within their new home base"

Done in Daz Studio/Iray, yadda, yadda (and I admit, I'm still having too much fun with the 'make anything glow application :-)). 

Sorry for the file size; for some reason I couldn't reduce it without loosing a lot of quality (and its started out 'grainy' already).

My version of the character Violet Harper, a.k.a. "Halo", from the show "Young Justice: Outsiders": Halo/Violet Harper Wiki

Yep, I know it makes no sense for the painfully shy Violet to be doing such test in the nude, but this is the Chup-Verse version of her (well, she doesn't have Huge Boobs yet, but there is a lot of the Spectrum for her to discover still :-)).

I have been watching this newest, long awaited season, and Violet is one of my favorite characters (although due to the nature of one of her powers, she is becoming the group's "Kenny" [every time someone with a deadly attack shows up, she ends  up getting killed, only to use her 'Violet Light" to resurrect herself]).

Since I already had a character put together wearing a Hijab, I just reporposed the character for this one.  Yes, she may be a little '1970s' on one area of her body, but I have all these props I haven't used, and decided why the hell not? :-)

Anyway, the 'Young Justice' cartoon is very interesting, but I swear I'm going to have to find some story synopsis guide; its getting so deep now, with multiple plot lines, its getting kind of hard for me to follow (but I have a notoriously short attention span of late :roll: )

'Neath Arabian Moons

The title of the image is from a line from the "Aladdin" opening theme song ('Arabian Nights, 'neath Arabian Moons; a fool off  his guard could fall and fall hard out here on the dunes") :-)

An image to play around with pretty much all 'new' things: The Face morph/Texture for this character, the 'Hijab' she is wearing, the 'veil', and most importantly, the new Boob Morphs, of course :-)

In this case, the morph set is called "Breastacular for the Genesis 8 Female".  It is meant to simulate objects pressing into the breasts, in a 'dynamic' fashion. 

In other words, unlike similar earlier products I have used which have only one such morph for a particular pose, with this you can set up nearly anything to 'collide' with the breasts.

That being said, its not a perfect system, of course.  After a certain point, fingers tend to 'poke thru' the breasts.  I'm still learning how to use this new system, so the 'boob grab' isn't as much as I would like, but I will use it more in later images, of course.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Underdark Encounters

Over at another forum, someone wanted to see a dwarven female with 'native american' characteristics, and this is what I came up with.

I'm not going to 'smiley face' the dude's member.  DA rules allow such, as long as its not shown erect (and its clear gravity is having an effect on him here :-)).  That being said, I am putting 'Sexual Themes' as a Mature Content tag.

I had a 'native american' morph/texture, so I 'Dwarfed it up' a bit by adjusting the height, making her nose a bit more bulbous/dwarf-like, thicker lips, and a more voluptuous/muscular body.

The second image is to show off her rear end, as I attempt once again to sculpt the 'perfect booty' :-)
There is something strange going on around her right shoulder, but I'm too lazy to try to fix it.

Also included a guy to give an indication of her height (meant to be about 4 foot 6 inches, but she's on her toes a bit in this stance). Don't know why his 'anklets' are floating off his legs, though.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Dexter's Mom

My first attempt at the character of "Dexter's Mom", from the Cartoon Network show "Dexter's Laboratory": Dexter's Mom Wiki

As with a lot of 'matronly' cartoon females, one of the ways to show that status is to sometimes draw the character with overly wide hips.

Of course, how could us fanboys not make the connection that wide hips usually accompany another body part equally as wide :-)

This is yet again another attempt to 'dial in' the perfect Big Bottom Girl, like I have with Squirrel Girl and the 'Sunglasses Vendor' from "Inner Workings".

I think overall I prefer the butt morphs for the Victoria 4 figure over those for Genesis (8, in this case), but as I've said before, its much easier to match clothing to extreme body morphs with Genesis than Victoria 4.

I may try something naughty with her later (NOT involving Dexter, as many Rule 34 artist seem to like :wow:), now that I have her 'base' form down.

For Science!

Finally doing something slightly X-Rated, based on the work of the artist Parasitius at Hentai Foundry: Science of lust by Parasitius

I tried to make the dildo glow in the dark as well as have texture, but it didn't quite work out at first (just a fully glowing dildo without texture).  Finally I just combined the glowing one, and put it 'under' another dildo that has a similar 'glowing' texture.  Truth to tell, it probably still hid most of the glow, but it came out well enough (I'm sure what I was trying to do can be done, I just don't have the skill yet).