Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Stargirl and Jan

My take on Stargirl from DC Comics, and Jan from 'Space Ghost', in slightly sexier outfits than they normally wear (and of course, at least 5 years older than they are generally depicted :-)).

I missed out on a Christmas and New Year's image due to the ever increasing slowness of my system that I've complained of lately.  Its that time of year that I can afford a new system after Tax time,and if the goddamn government weren't closed down I would have my W2 form by now!! :x


I got this idea from seeing an artist by the name of Nill Serien do an erotic parody of "Space Ghost", and he gave his version of Jan a similar costume (see image above, and here is a link to the comic: Space Ghost Erotic Parody )

As to Stargirl, there is someone over at Renderosity who is making a lot of 'cosplay' outfits for the Genesis 3 Female figure.  Although I prefer to commission textures to go with the Victoria 4 bodysuit I have, I admit some of these are really good, so I picked up the 'Stargirl Top'.  I actually have a pair of freebie 'stargirl short pants', but I wanted this to be her 'sexy outfit', so I went with the 'sci-fi bikini bottom'.

I decided not to give them my usual Uber Boobies, and because of the slowness of my system, I probably won't do that version (or a nude version), but maybe at some point in the future I'll have Space Ghost join in for a Threesome..... or maybe Zorak (I think I have an 'Insect Man' morph somewhere :-)).

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Squirrel Girl BBW

I was going to post this after I had made a few more images, but as is too common lately, laziness overcame me :)

My take on a "BBW" version of Squirrel Girl, somewhat inspired by her appearance in the recent animated mini series "Marvel Rising": Squirrel Girl Concept Art

Also by the seeming ton of 'BBW Squirrel Girl' images at various sites.

Yes, I know that's a skunk next to her... Tippy Toe was out sick, so she had to settle for this 'stand in' until he gets better :)

P.S.: I'm also quite proud of the booty I gave Doreen, here; I've got many butt morphs, and spent awhile trying to sculpt the 'perfect butt' (again :)).

Sunday, November 25, 2018

She-Hulk vs Shuma-Gorath

Another She-Hulk centric image, this time Jenny is trapped in the clutches of the extra-dimensional entity known as Shuma-Gorath :wow:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shuma-Gorath

This image is in part inspired by the work of the artist Hirumono at Hentai Foundry. http://www.hentai-foundry.com/user/hirumono/profile

I actually made a short animation of this image, which you can see above.

I like the lights used in this image, but the renders were just taking too long, so I used a simpler light set for the animation.  Its just coincidence that the heartbeat I picked for the sound matched the pulsing of the 'naughty tentacle' :-)

I'm a bit pleased with myself in that this isn't a pre-made animation scene.  The 'naughty tentacle' is a pre-made animation, and I 'borrowed' the head/neck movements from another such animation, and combined them into this.  Still not a totally 'hand made' animation, but its a step up for me, at least :-)

Finally, this is an image that probably would have fit better with Halloween, so maybe finally I'll keep that promise to do the occasional non-halloween 'creepy' image just to use some of the stuff I've been collecting for so long.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Gamma Tribe Jenny

"After running afoul of a certain Monarch of Latveria, Jennifer Walters finds herself flung nearly 400 years into the past.  There she is met by some of the native tribesmen in what would eventually become the state of Maine, and, until she can find a way back home, she becomes the protector of this 'Gamma Tribe' " :-)

A quickie image for Thanksgiving, this time using She-Hulk as the iconic Native American Maid I have been using for the past few years.

Not too happy with the breast shape on the nude version (I have SO MANY breast morphs, its hard to choose which ones to use).  I gave her a '70s Style' bush because I figure she (and really, any 'indestructable' character) have the same problem Clark Kent has: How do you cut your hair if EVERYTHING about you is bullet proof?  Answer: She just doesn't, at least in this primative time :-) 
So, don't eat too much today, and "Happy Turkey Apocalypse Day" to all :-)

Monday, November 12, 2018

Mrs. Monarch at the Ball


Another image featuring "Dr. Mrs. The Monarch" from the Adult Swim show "Venture Brothers".

Thanks again to Hotrod5 for the Victoria 4 bodysuit texture for her outfit, although in this case I only used the 'Monarch' logo and the collar :-)

In Season 7 of the show, in the episode "The Unicorn in Captivity", Rusty Venture is confronted by an Illuminati like organization to discuss his new invention, a teleporter.

While there, he discovers that the 'party' he was invited to was actually an 'Eyes Wide Shut' style orgy, and there he meets a certain topless attendee with a very familiar raspy voice :-)

At the end of the episode, we learn that the whole scenario was actually a Virtual Reality simulation by the OSI to convince Rusty to give up the teleporter for the sake of world peace, etc. :-)

In my version, I decided to keep some elements of her "Mrs. Monarch" identity, like the boots/gloves, and logo, and even the silly little crown (you can see it peeking over the feathers).

Image is probably too dark, but was too lazy to re-render with more lights.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Piece of Candy

Well, its early in the AM on November 1st, and I'm watching the last movie in a 'Vincent Price' marathon on TCM, so I decided I might as well do one last Halloween themed image for the season, even if the holiday has passed me by in the night :-)

Of course, see my blog for a nude rendition (I seem to have went with chubby/BBW chicks for this season, huh? :-)).

As usual, I have the stuff to do a LOT more 'eerie' themed images, so I may still do the occasional one between now and next Halloween.

So, I hope you all had a nice, fun and safe All Hallow's Eve, folks, and hopefully I'll be in a better spot to make more eerie themed images for next Halloween season :-)

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Moon Blossom

"An investigator into the Occult has found that she has been kidnapped and drugged into unconsciousness.
"When she awakens, she realizes with a growing terror that she has been stripped nude, and held in place by strange vine-like growths with strange, almost human-like hands at the ends.

"Before her is some monstrosity, like some malevolent, overgrown Venus Fly Trap.  On either side of it, trapped in pustulous sacks are two women, mouths agape in silent screams, as their flesh seems to be slowly dissolving away.

"With a final realization, she now knows that this is her fate as well, as the mouth of this monster opens wide, and a tongue rolls about its lips.....

Edit: In retrospect, this will be my last Halloween themed pic for the season, as I just don't have the drive to come up with another one before midnight (typing this on the 31st), and in a way I literally don't have the Drive (my slow computer problems of late).

As usual, though, since I have SO MUCH stuff to make such images, I may occasionally still do a 'eerie' themed image, even if its not that time of year.

So, have a nice, fun and safe All Hallow's Eve, folks, and hopefully I'll be in a better spot to make more eerie themed images for next Halloween season :-)

Been awhile since I accompanied an image with so much 'purple prose' (I'm not really into fan fiction myself :-)).

The 'Audrey II" in this image is actually composed of two figures meant to look like that classic monster; One called "Mean Grean Mutha" (of course :-)), and another one strangely called 'Beatrix" (not sure why, maybe the name of the girlfriend of the maker of the model?).

As I have said elsewhere, I am into the game "Dungeons and Dragons", particularly the Pathfinder variation for the past several years.

There are actually a couple of monsters in that setting that are very much like a cross between "Audrey", 'Triffids', and "Invasion of the Body Snatchers:, called the "Body Thief" and the "Moon Flower":

Even though this seems like a set-up for some 'Naughty Tentacle' images, I don't think I'll continue, partly because of the slowness of my system lately, and partly because I have moved away from my interest in 'Tentacle Hentai'.... for the most part anyway :-)