Friday, September 7, 2018

Belle at the Ball BE

nother attempt at Belle from Disney's "Beauty and the Beast", this time a Breast Expansion version

The last image was my first attempt at a render, but I didn't like how it looked in the end.

I once again used my "Emma Watson Celebrity Face Morph", but as usual with most such (except for a select few), it really doesn't resemble her that much, at least with expressions applied..

I like how this one came out mainly because of the top of the dress.  Usually, when I expand both the figure and the clothing to my 'preferred' dimensions, there is some 'texture stretching' that takes place, making close up shots look bad.

The textures for both the figure and the dress were detailed enough that it looked better than I would have thought, though.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Doll Mistress

An image inspired by something I saw, of all places, in a 3rd party supplement for the Pathfinder RPG called "Vigilantes of Horror 2":

To hear me get geeky about this supplement: I do like the idea of modifying the Pathfinder 'Vigilante" class (essentially a fantasy version of "Batman", complete with a mechanic for maintaining dual identities :-)).

However, I think this particular class could be better emulated by using the Pathfinder Summoner class, whose entire purpose is to have a 'pet' they can summon and grant a variety of abilities.

If I ever use this in any game I run (which may be a long time from now, as I've found I'm pretty burned out on tabletop gaming) I would probably use the Summoner, or else this class and grant her some 'Evolution Points' to use with her dolls.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Bridge Door Malfunction

A silly, Star Trek (classic) based image, of Yeoman Janice Rand getting a bit awkwardly trapped between two malfunctioning Bridge Lift doors :-)

I decided to do this image on learning that Doug Grindstaff, the sound effects artist who made most of the sounds that have become so iconic and identified with Classic Star Trek, passed away recently at the age of 87 :-(:

The 'whist' sound the doors made was probably the most frequently used, or at least the one I remember most.  I have heard stories of how some actors actually ran into the doors, that were operated manually off screen (so sometimes they didn't time it just right....allegedly [I wonder if it was done on purpose to Shatner, who was said to be something of a Prima Donna to his other fellow actors :-) ).

Puffy Juicy Goblin Girl

No really big concept here, just me making use of something else I picked up recently; something to change the look of the Genesis 3 Female's 'default' genital prop.

The product is actually called "Juicy Wet Cameltoe", and its made to make it look like, well, a 'Juicy Wet Cameltoe' :-) (although some people call the enlarged, engorged outer labia look 'puffy vagina', which isn't technically accurate).

I probably won't be using this for a couple of reasons: First, my oft mentioned problems with rendering in IRay, which this product uses.

Second, I've found that not a lot of the 'skins' I use for the G3F have a separate skin for the genital prop.

This wasn't a problem with Victoria 4, since it didn't have a 'default' such prop; All of the 'naughty bits' I used for V4 worked with the skin that came with a certain character morph.

I have other 'naughty bits' for the G3F that can copy the skin for the character, but with this one it either has to come with such a skin, or I have to use a complex method to copy the skin onto the prop (that I just can't make work yet, unfortunately).

So, you may see this skin used again, if I want to use this prop (note: it didn't start off as green skin, but I also have an application that can add various 'fantasy skin' colors to an otherwise 'normal' skin [but of course it works much better with caucasian skins than others]).

Monday, July 16, 2018

Dragon, Lady

     I have a couple of reasons for doing these images:

First, I wanted to make use of the Daz 3 Dragon.  Thanks to a silly ass game called "Dungeons and Dragons" I've been playing for more years than I care to remember, I'm a bit of a 'Dracophile" (funny, I just now hit Google to see if I spelled that word correctly, and got instead "Dracophilia": A fetish for Dragons"   :-))

     While I'm certainly a fan of Dragons, I'm pretty sure I don't have Dracophilia, despite the above images :-)

     I've been collecting various 'morphs' for the dragon for quite awhile now, but I just don't tend to use them much because most of my work is sexual in nature.

     So I finally decided to do some kind of images with the Daz 3 Dragon, and this is the result.

     For the first image, I can't say I'm too pleased with it.  The dragon doesn't look as majestic as I thought it would have, and the scene in all the images is overall too dark (again, Daz Studio and Iray).

   The latter two images were based on something I saw at E-Hentai Galleries, by the artist known as 1DirtyRobot.  Can't find that gallery anymore, but here is a link to his tumblr page: 1DirtyRobot's Tumblr

    I've likewise had 'overstuffed/monster pregnancy' morphs for the Genesis 3 Female for awhile now, but haven't used them either, so here was a good opportunity.

   I know, the dragon's dick changed appearance for the second image, I wanted to have the tip still outside the mouth, as I like the texturing on it (actually a 'dildo' I attached to a 'Monster Cock').  I added a wet skin look to the drow, but as usual, it changes appearance on body parts that are 'expanded' (the boobs and belly in this case).

     I may try more such things later.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Looma Redwind Take One

My take on the character 'Looma Redwind' from the Cartoon Network show "Ben 10":

I know this isn't a completely 'on model' version, since her race has only two toes, and two fingers and thumb on each hand, and this model (Genesis 3 Female) doesn't have those morphs (or any I could find, anyway).

I was never a big fan of Ben 10, although I hear that the show (at least before the latest reboot) was very good, with stories that carried from season to season, and we saw Ben grow from a child to a young adult.

I did like some of the designs of the aliens on the show, like Looma, and 'Big Chill', who to me looked like the cryptid known as the Moth Man (loved the way he folded his wings into a cloak, just like 'Gargoyles' :-)).

I was initially going to try yet another version of a Shokan warrior, but then I saw some fan art featuring Looma, and decided to try her instead:

The four eyes and no nose were also a bit tricky; I suck at using photoshop, so making her nose disappear and putting another set of eyes below the first set was harder than I expected.

Saturday, July 7, 2018


Okay, here is yet another image featuring the Big Boobed Gynoid and her human lover :-)

I really wasn't planning on doing another image featuring her.  However, as I have said in other posts, I have been following the erotic art blog of Fred Perry lately, and he has been doing several comics featuring  his erotic take on Transformers: Fred Perry's Erotic Transformers

As of this post he is on Page 7 of "Indecent Proposal", and the image of Airachnid getting 'klanged' from behind inspired me to do this image.

Again, this is in Daz Studio Iray, thus the graininess and simplicity of the image, as this is currently the best I can do with my outdated system.

I would love to do something like this in Poser, but the Genesis 3 Female just has superior Boob/Butt morphs, as well as better 'naughty parts', and some of the 'gynoid' morphs/skins I have only work in Iray.

I do find the 'reflection maps' of Daz Studio unusual.  You can clearly see mountains and sky in the reflection in her large booty, in addition to the guy behind her, although skies and ground were not in the scene at all.

Maybe in the future I'll do another image or two with them actually having sex finally :-)