Alluring Gothel




At another forum, someone requested to see an image of a character from the movie Encanto named Alma Madrigal (see above, don't know who the artist is, though)

I liked it enough that I decided to try my own version, but instead of Alma, I used one of my favorite Milfs: Mother Gothel from 'Tangled' Wink/Razz 

Boring 'Composition' Notes:

In this version, I decided to try a more 'Tooned Up' look, using the same face morph I used for the "Sunglasses Vendor" from 'Inner Workings' earlier.

I tried to apply some subtle 'aging' morphs to the face (crows feet, smile lines, etc), but they didn't show in this render (maybe I'll 'dial them up' in future images).

I also used something I have rarely used in Daz Studio: D-Force clothing for the gown she is wearing.  D-Force is not as easy to use as 'Dynamic Clothing' in Poser, so you can see how the belt for the robe is intersecting her left thigh.

Finally, I used something I have always wanted, but never seen until recently: An application that erases the 'texture stretching' that happens when you make characters with exceptionally large boobs (now I may ask him if he can make one for the butt as well :D (Big Grin) )