Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Stargirl and Jan

My take on Stargirl from DC Comics, and Jan from 'Space Ghost', in slightly sexier outfits than they normally wear (and of course, at least 5 years older than they are generally depicted :-)).

I missed out on a Christmas and New Year's image due to the ever increasing slowness of my system that I've complained of lately.  Its that time of year that I can afford a new system after Tax time,and if the goddamn government weren't closed down I would have my W2 form by now!! :x


I got this idea from seeing an artist by the name of Nill Serien do an erotic parody of "Space Ghost", and he gave his version of Jan a similar costume (see image above, and here is a link to the comic: Space Ghost Erotic Parody )

As to Stargirl, there is someone over at Renderosity who is making a lot of 'cosplay' outfits for the Genesis 3 Female figure.  Although I prefer to commission textures to go with the Victoria 4 bodysuit I have, I admit some of these are really good, so I picked up the 'Stargirl Top'.  I actually have a pair of freebie 'stargirl short pants', but I wanted this to be her 'sexy outfit', so I went with the 'sci-fi bikini bottom'.

I decided not to give them my usual Uber Boobies, and because of the slowness of my system, I probably won't do that version (or a nude version), but maybe at some point in the future I'll have Space Ghost join in for a Threesome..... or maybe Zorak (I think I have an 'Insect Man' morph somewhere :-)).

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