Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Mary Ann, May the 4th and MILF's Day

 A bit late posting these, but here they are.

The first is my take on Mary Ann from "Gilligan's Island".

 Its a Daz Studio render, using the Genesis 3 Female, in 3Delight mode, and I'm quite surprised that the lighting came out so well.

I wanted to make a more curvy version of Mary Ann, but in the end I didn't totally like the face or body I picked, so I may try a 'Take Two' in the future.

While I'm not quite old enough to remember 'Gilligan's Island" when it was first run on TV, I'm sure I saw the First Run Syndication.

Many of us fanboys agree that between Ginger and Mary Ann, she was certainly the sexier of the two, and it probably had a lot to do with those shorts she wore: they may not have been as sexy as the ones I have in this image (they were more like what a 50's pin-up babe would wear), they certainly did flatter her figure, and cup her buttocks quite nicely (just google "Gilligan's Island Mary Ann Shorts" and see for yourself :-)).

The next two are a couple of images for the recent 'holidays', May the 4th (Star Wars Day :-)), and MILF's Day (a.k.a. Mother's Day).

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