Saturday, October 31, 2015

Witchy Velma

Well, its that Creepie, Eerie time of the year again, and here is the first of the last images I'll make for this All Hallow's Eve; a Sultry, Sexy, Witchy Velma :-)

The image is probably a bit too dark; I played around with different light sets (and added some lights) but they were all to bright in the end, so I settled for this.

You may notice the tree has a 'face' in it (intentional, as it is a halloween prop), and there is a Siamese cat hiding in a nook below it :-)

I'll probably do a couple of more images before the Midnite Hour (where I live anyway).  I didn't do as many this year because of several reasons which I already mentioned (not as much time and my own procrastination tendacy).

So if I don't say it later this Halloween Night, "Happy Halloween"! :-)

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