Monday, October 27, 2014

Slashy, The Killer Clown

"The Woman who would come to be known by the name 'Slashy, The Killer Clown', was once just a normal circus performer, who liked nothing more than to make the audience under the Big Top laugh to her slapstick comedy done in bright grease paint.

"Unfortunately, there came time when her circus set up in an open field that was rumored to be an ancient burial ground for some 'dishonered dead'.  She tried to warn the circus owner against setting camp there, as her family had dabbled in the occult (according to some macabre stories told to her by her gran-gran).  Against her warnings, the circus went on, and that night disaster occurred.

"During the height of her own act, ancient corpses began to burst from the ground, animated by some unknown evil force.  In the end, most of her circus troupe had been killed, including all of her fellow Clowns, some of which she had to take out herself when they rose as the living dead!

"Now she has set herself on the path of vengeance against all the undead, and those who have seen her in action have called her a 'Killer Clown' even though the only ones she 'kills' have been dead for quite awhile.

"She has recently heard tales of a duo of undead who go by the names of "Silent" and "Scream", and has set out to deal with their menace once and for all".


Another entry for Halloween, this time using the "Evil Clown" trope, but turning it on its head a little bit :-)

You'll notice I set up a possible team up/fight between Slashy and a couple I created for last season: Silent and Scream,  and I may do a image with them meeting up later.

I've read that real life clowns have become upset at the Evil Clown trope, and to a point I can agree.  I've never been afraid of clowns myself, and I have fond memories of Red Skelton as a 'hobo clown' way back when : Hobo Clowns

So with this character, although she's not an 'evil clown', she's definitely not out to make people laugh anymore :-)

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