Thursday, October 3, 2013

Silent, Scream

"The entities who would become to be known as Silent and Scream were once poor souls who lost their lives to a vicious serial killer.

"Redeemed from the grave by a Fallen Angel, they now serve his purpose and hunt down those like the one who took their lives.

"Silent draws a bloody spectral dagger across the killer's throat, but instead of a jagged cut, his own mouth dissapears, only to reappear where the cut would be!

"Then Scream lets out a banshee wail, and the new, horrible mouth of the killer opens wide and does the same, while at the same time spewing out his life blood onto the ground!"

Well, its that time of year again, and I begin it with this image of a Deadly Mime and Banshee couple (maybe I'll do something nude with them later and add them to this post :-)).

I'll try to do a couple each week, and during the week before Halloween one each day.


Edit: Something I should have included when I first made this post.

Over at another forum, a commenter by the name of  "Euel"  did an interesting interpretation of the backstory of the two characters, which I found fascinating, giving them more of a 'super powered' origin.

I don't know if I'll adopt it for my own 'back story', but it is interesting none the less, so here it is ^_^:

From Chapter 6, "Death as a Paranormal Trigger", of -Paranormality and Metahumanity: Life Among the Empowered-, Dr. Eric J. Grimsby, CalSci Press and Data Service, 2012.

"To add to the examples of Jessica Annabelle "Jezebel" Henry, aka "The Prairie Ghost", and Bernard Goldberg, aka "Ruchim", we have the case of Sabella and Sally Foster, who's deaths also triggered them from Latency to full Meta."

"These fraternal twins were attempting to enter show business, and rented an apartment in (an unsafe, but affordable area of) Brooklyn, New York.  Sabella Foster was an aspiring actress/singer, while Sally was a trained gymnast, dancer, and stuntwoman, who supplemented her income by preforming as a street mime.

"The pair were targeted by William Simms, aka "The Brooklyn Butcher" a rapist escalating to serial murder, who burst into the Foster's apartment.  From forensic evidence, the police believe Sally was downed in a blitz attack as she rushed to the door, leaving her with a shattered larynx and choking on her own blood.  The killer pursued Sabella through the apartment, inflicting non lethal wounds until she collapsed from blood loss and exhaustion, her cries for help unanswered.  As he exited the apartment, Simms slashed the dead or dying Sally's throat, leaving the knife wedged between the vertebra of her neck."

(What follows is a more clinical description of the methods of the pair, as described in Chupacabra's statement above.)

"From the few statements we have from "Scream", ("Silent" is, of course, mute.) she claims the pair were reclaimed from death and Empowered by a "Fallen Angel".  While we must have sympathy for these women, we also must understand that they have fallen into the trap of vigilantism and of the "Serial killer of serial killers".  (See the cases of Dexter Morgan and Snow Tiger in Chapter 12.)  Death, even one as tragic as their's, is no excuse for such behavior.  (See my article, "Accountability of the Un-Dead." on my website.)  While their post-mortal and semi-material status makes their apprehension difficult, they could be confined or contained by some, more ethical, supernatural or occult themed Metahumans.

"In a personal aside, Paranormal ability is no license for unethical behavior, but a mandate to a higher, more noble purpose.  The Empowered can, and must, provide brave examples to the "Normal" community."

(What follows is the text of a note, written on the margins of Dr. Grimsby's printed copy of the above book.)

Eric, dear...

Pontificate much?  Leave the preaching for the foreword.  I applaud these mad σκιά (Ancient Greek term meaning shade, or spirit of the dead.) as long as they go after just the guilty.  At least, they have a certain, style.  Somebody needs to do the dirty work, now that the Furies are elsewhere.

(The note is signed with a capital Greek letter 'Sigma'.)

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