Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Demona at Moonrise

Here's my first attempts at Demona using the morph that Dariofish made for me.

I'm not too happy with the look of the wings (a bit too bright), and although I got her boob size to my preferences, the areola/nipple area is still a bit too smooth.

I admit they seem a little dull right now (and lacking in a certain intimate area ), but I am s-l-o-w-l-y learning my way around Daz Studio, so future images should look better.  


Gnabbist said...

The WHAT? Did I see the words "Daz Studio"?!!! DUDE! Lights settings, surfaces settings, weird omnifreaker shader (surfaces and lights) settings-- I will hook you up, brother!

Time to start posting more tech notes at the old Gnabbist blog...

Chup@Cabra said...

Yeah, I've held off using Daz Studio for a very long time (mainly because when I first started there wasn't crap out for it).

Nowadays, though, a good percentage of the stuff that is made works for both Poser and Daz.

I also like the fact that Genesis is a 'one size fits all' model; you can make it male or female, human or monster, etc (no more seperate sets of morphs for each model).

A person who goes by the name of Dariofish (or Hell Fish Studios) made this morph at my request (if you want I'll visit your blog with a download link).

Its because of his "Mass Effect" morphs for Genesis that I started using Daz to begin with ^_^: http://tinyurl.com/ao6j6l5

Although to use the body shapes you'll need his other product: http://tinyurl.com/b57m8t9

Haven't used those morphs yet, although I have something special in the works, so stay tuned ^_^_

Any guides you post would be appreciated; Daz doesn't seem to have a 'materials' room for instance (wanted a real gold texture for her tiara). I'll get there eventually, although Poser will still be my primary platform (can't believe I've been playing with this Poser stuff for over 7 years now 0_0 ).

Gnabbist said...

Slowly getting to a reply, 'cause naturally I had to go render a demo of a Gold surface setting I came up with a while back, so I'd have something tutorial-ish to post at my blog for you.

In DS, what you use in place of the Materials Room is the Surfaces Tab. (For the most part-- fancy shader-tree kinda stuff is constructed using the Shader Mixer Tab, but I get the day-to-day work done with the DS default shader and omnifreaker's ubersurface.)

The 3Delight render engine that Daz uses is very good at relections, and efficient at it too-- good thing for me, with my obsolete PC hardware. A metallic surface setting is mostly a matter of specular & reflection, and a bit of tinting to match the metal you're emulating. Blog post to follow...

jungleelf said...

Irealized that the only way demona would not kill me is if I was her human pet. I can work with that. :p

Chup@Cabra said...

To Gnabbist: Thanks for the help with materials in Daz, I'll see what I can do to use them (although I recently discovererd I could export Genesis as a .cr2 file for use in poser [won't work with Genesis-specific clothing, but I won't be using much clothing for Demona anyway ^_^] ).

To Jungleelf: I've seen several images where magic is somehow used to make Demona suddenly see humans as something she would have sex with, like the following (one of my favorites ^_^): http://tinyurl.com/cwnpy8q