Saturday, October 31, 2009

Beware the Scarecrow!

"Be careful if you should walk the onto the farm of Old Man Johnson when the moon is full.

"Rumor has it that his wife was a witch, and a very jealous one at that. When she died, her spirit was said to inhabit the scarecrow in his field, killing his crops.

"From the field she now keeps an eye on him, and is said to kill anyone who comes onto their land"

This is the last of my 'official' Halloween images (although I have tons of ideas still, so some 'horror' themed images may still pop up in the months to come).

So, Happy Halloween, everyone!

(now to get sick from too much candy! :-) ).

Dreams of the Far Realm

"In dreams both arousing and terrible, a horrible siren, floating in a void that seems to be beyond both space and time, calls to her human lover, promising him pleasures his mind will never be able to comprehend fully"

A little image inspired in part by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft (twisted, ain't it? ^_^).

Friday, October 30, 2009

Throw the Switch!

Of course I can't do a Halloween render without doing one of one of the 'classic' monsters of the season, "The Bride" from "Bride of Frankenstein" :-)

The scene might be too dark, but for some reason I really like this subtle light set.

Throw the Switch! - Nude Version

A nude version of the previous image.

For some reason her left breast looks larger than the right (although I checked all the morphs and they were all equal on both sides).

Oh, well; good enough :-)

Ghostbuster Janine Melnitz

Missed posting this one yesterday, so here is one of a Two-Fer for today :-)

My rendition of Janine Melnitz from the Movie/Toon series "Ghostbusters".

I can't recall if she put on the outfit in the second movie, but she did in the cartoon a couple of times.

Although you can't see it from this angle, she is wearing a full proton pack (a freebie another poser user was kind enough to provide).

I'll probably do other images of her in action with the pack and trap later (and of course some more sensual images :-) ).

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Feed Me!!

My take on Audrey's I and II from a certain "Little Shop" :-)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Velma the Vampire

"The Vampire of the Mansion finally ends their tryst by giving her "The Embrace"

"Three nights later she awakens within the mausoleum, and is presented her new rainments as the new Vampire's Bride.

"Velma whispers to him that a friend of hers, who wears entirely too much purple, should join her in this Unholy Matrimony".

The next in my 'One Halloween Image a Day" series, and possibly the last in my "Velma and the Vampire" series (Do a search here for that title to find the others).

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Headless Horsewoman

The first of my "One Halloween Themed Image Each Day" images.

By the way, that's her own head she is holding up, not that of a victim :-)

Big thanks to Poser user Soto for his 'headless' prop ^_^

As usual too many times lately, had to turn off shadows due to the complex lighting of the scene.

Clone Warriors 1

My quickie take on Anakin Skywalker, teamed up with his Padawan Ahsoka Tano (lets say in an alternate universe where she is older and has 'filled out' :-) ).

Again, not a perfect likeness of Anakin (movie or toon series, but I pieced together what I had to come as close as possible.

Regular 'viewers' probably know me well enough to guess where this is going, huh? ^_^

By the way, anyone interested in an interesting 'deconstruction' of the Prequel movies should check out a online critic called "Confused Matthew":

I tend to agree with pretty much everything he says in his review.

What I like about the new Clone Wars series is that it gives us a chance to see Annakin Skywalker as a true hero jedi (and not the whiney mass murdering dick he becomes after the death of his mother [granted a horrible thing to endure, but Padme stayed with him after this confession, instead of going to Yoda to get him some help]).

Clone Warriors 2

After a particularly hard battle against Separatist Remnants, Annakin and Ahsoka retire to their room aboard a battle cruiser on its way back to Courascant.

"Ahsoka notices that the force is indeed strong in Annakin, and with their connection through it neither has to say what is truly on their minds"

Clone Warriors 3

"Being able to keep your wits about you, no matter in which direction your body is turned, is an important aspect of Jedi training". :-)

Clone Warriors 4

"Ahsoka shows Annakin just how flexible her own lekku can be when compared to a Twi'lek"

You know, I actually have no idea if the 'head tails' of a Togruta is prehensile at all, but lets just say in my universe they are ^_^

Clone Warriors 5A

Clone Warriors 5B

Alternate Angle

Clone Warriors 6A

Clone Warriors 6B

alternate angle

Clone Warriors 7

"Both Jedi climax together, increasing the intensity of the experience even more through their connection in the Force.

"Because they are so focused on the shared experience, though, they fail to notice fellow Jedi Master Aayla Secura come into the room (alerted by what she thought were the sounds of a struggle in the room).

"Perhaps I should arrange an similar 'training exercise' with Master Skywalker myself", she muses.

I like the 'squished boob' morph I put on Ahsoka, to simulate them pressing against the floor.

This was another 'composite' image, with Aayla and the background rendered separately, then used as a background for Annakin and Ahsoka.

Funny thing, though; I don't have many 'orgasm' faces for the Aiko 'anime' model, so I had to use various 'happy' expressions and tweak them ^_^

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gimme Steam!

Here is another take by me of the Red She-Hulk (or She-Rulk as some are calling her ).

I haven't seen her in any official comic yet, but I do know that the Red Hulk gets hotter the more physical he gets, so I assume She-Rulk does as well, and is taking a dip in a pool (in the middle of the winter!) to cool down ^_^

By the way, the image title comes from an old song by Peter Gabriel by the same name :-)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Ladies of the Night

Again using a couple of "pre-made" outfits for Vampirella and Lady Death; although it took a bit of trickery to get the "Boney Hands" bra top to fit my preferred proportions :-)


Sometimes the simplest costume is the best :-)

But did she cut holes in her finest silk sheets?! 0_0

Of course I like this version the best ^_^


The non-transparent version of the previous image.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Sta Puft Fresh 1

I did this image after seeing, of all things, a feminized version of the Sta Puft Marshmallow Man from "Ghostbusters" at another forum ^_^

Sta Puft Fresh 2

An alternate lighting version.

Sta Puft Fresh 3

And yet another alternate lighting version (actually the first render, but I thought it was too bright)

S'Mores, Anyone?

Because Marshmallows and Chocolate just go together ^_^

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Eldonna the Sacrifice 2

"My servants have provided me with an excellent, buxom specimen of womanhood this Moon!" The demon bellows.

"Removing her from her restraints and lifting up his new prize to look her over, both her skirt and panties fall from her, and her bra comes open.

"The demon's eyes grow wider as he sees her exposed flesh, never thinking, in its lust, that this quick exposure of her body was a bit too quick, as Eldonna had provided a small telekinetic push to her clothing to do so" :-)

"Demons!", she thinks, "Never any foreplay whatsoever!"

Eldonna the Sacrifice 3A

"Still clutching her in his claws, the demon lays on its back and forces her down onto its raging erection.

"He begins to thrusts wildly, Eldonna's breasts and hair bouncing upward with each movement.

"Feeling that he must torment his new 'toy' (as demons are wont to terrorize their victims), it places its hands around her neck and begins to apply pressure.

"Silly creature,", Eldonna thinks to herself, "if only you know that I am just as you are, and don't truly need to breathe".

"Nevertheless, she plays the part of the 'human victim' to the hilt, rolling her eyes back and making all the appropriate gagging sounds".

Funny thing about this image; I was first posing the demon's arms to grab her breasts (of course ^_^), but as I was moving them down the right arm pased through her shoulders, so I just decided to leave it there and put the hands in a 'choking' pose instead (I know, kind of brutal, but remember, Eldonna is just playing the demon ^_^).

Eldonna the Sacrifice 3B

A reverse view of the previous image, to see the 'action' as it were ^_^

Eldonna the Sacrifice 4

"Dismounting the demon, Eldonna proceeds to pleasure him orally (something humans have called a "Monica", for some strange reason...

"In short order the demon soon experiences a final release, more "final" than even he realizes" ^_^

Eldonna the Sacrifice 5

"It seems as if this particular demon has learned a final lesson; why humans refer to sexual release as the "Little Death""

"Basking in the 'afterglow' of a job well done, as it were; Eldonna fails to notice that another newcomer demon hunter to Sunnydale has just arrived on the scene...


"Hellgirl had heard that there was a probable virgin sacrifice to a demon occurring tonight.

"Saying 'So Long!' to her one-night-stand [some vampire who goes by the name of 'Spike'], she rushes to the site her contacts told her, hoping she is not too late.

"Instead of a sacrifice, though, she finds what is obviously the aftermath of a 'lover's spat' between two demons....

"Oh Well,", she thinks to herself, "At least no human was killed, and she saved me the trouble of trying to kill both of them at the same time.", as she draws out her gun and prepares to take aim.

Obviously, "To Be Continued!" :-)

For the 'One night stand' I referred to, do a search in the blog for a series caled "Sunnydhell" ^_^

Some "Too much info" notes:

This took forever to render; at first I had all the elements in one scene but it was too much for my system to handle.

Finally I had to render Hellgirl and the ground, trees, and background seperately, then use that as a background image on which I rendered Eldonna and the dead demon, and even then I had to turn off both raytracing and shadows (damn, I'm starting to hate my system :-( ).

Monday, October 12, 2009

Eldonna Reforged 1

"Eldonna is of the class of demons known as Succubi, but she is unique among her kind, being devoted to the forces of Good.

"In her previous life she was like the rest of her kind, using her powers to seduce mortals who served the Light, and then in an act of passion draining their very life force into herself for her own sustenance.

"However, during one temptation of a human priest, she sought to consummate the seduction by taking his life atop an altar in the very church he tended to his flock in.

"Like all mortal men before him he gave in to her temptations, but at the moment of connsumation instead she felt a light flood her body, and with it driving out her demonic nature.

"It turned out that she was the one caught up in the trap of the priest, who had an... unorthodox view of sexual relations, and who had placed a relic of the great Saint Augustine in the altar (who is known, among other things, for once uttering the phrase after seeing a tempting woman "Make of me chaste, oh Lord... but not just yet").

"Now Eldonna works with the priest to hunt down the forces of evil, and she still uses her abilities in the way she is accustomed to. "

This time, however, she uses them against the other demons, seducing them in the form of a human and draining their essences instead."

Eldonna Reforged 2

Here she strikes a more sultry pose, that I hope you don't find too tempting ^_^

Eldonna the Sacrifice

"Hearing that there is a possible Hellmouth in a small town by the name of Sunnydale, Eldonna takes on her human form and masquerades as a somewhat brainless cheerleader at the local college.

"Soon afterwards, she is kidnapped by a local coven of evil witches and put up as a sacrifice to a demon lord they worship, who grants them mystical boons in return for nubile female humans for his pleasure.

"Little does this particular demon know that he is in for much more of a treat than he ever wanted"

I guess you can consider this the first 'official' image of the Halloween season; I'll probably continue this with a few more "NC-17" images later, as well as build something of a story around the images throughout the rest of the month.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Rogue Angel 1

Over at another forum someone wanted to see more of the X-Man "Angel" from my "Night Angel" image earlier.

I decided to pair him up with another favorite X-Man (or Woman) of mine, Rogue, and the following images are the result.

No real reason to explain why she can touch him without the "Power Dampening Collar" on, maybe this is all just a dream she is having, huh? ^_^

Rogue Angel 2

"Although Rogue is a bit startled at the acrobatics involved in their in-flight tryst, she feels certain that the Angel will not drop her"

I added a 'gravity' morph to Rogue's breasts to give the effect of them falling toward the ground (and her head ^_^).

You have to wonder about the 'mechanics' involved in such a situation, though:
"Flap, Thrust, Flap, Thrust, Frust, Thrap....Ahhhhhhhh!!!!" as they plummet to the water below :-)

Rogue Angel 3

"Rogue and Warren continue their mid-flight love making, skimming low over the water."

There are still a lot of mistakes in this and the other images (mostly some "Poke-Thru" problems), but I guess that's why I'm an amateur at this instead of a professional ^_^

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Power Girl in Peril

a quick image of my version of Power Girl being captured by the Ultra Humanite, as occurred in a recent issue of the new "Power Girl" comic.

Not too pleased with my rendition of Humanite, I had to 'bleach' the gorilla's normally black skin. I do have a 'true' hairy version of the Gorilla, maybe I'll try that in any future renders (if my system can handle the hair, that is).

For the same reason I changed PG's cape; the first 'off the shoulder' one was 'dynamic', and for some reason it was giving me all kinds of trouble when I tried to use it in this render.

Arkham Aslyum's Harley Quinn

Well, here is my version of Harley Quinn from the "Batman: Arkham Asylum" Game:

Took me FOREVER to get this to render; for some reason my system wouldn't load all the textures for the complete scene.

I finally had to render the background (with victim) seperately from Harley herself (think I may need to do a defragment, or just by a new damn computer :-( ).

That scene I promised myself with Harley and Ivy together (and eventually with Batman) may have to wait until I can figure out this texture problem.

Arkham Asylum's Poison Ivy

My take on Poison Ivy from the game "Batman: Arkham Asylum":

I may tweak her look a bit later (eyelashes are too long for one), and pair her up with Arkham Harley Quinn (and maybay Batman for some naughtiness ^_^).