Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Titania vs She-Hulk

I have to give a big "Thanks!" to another artist called Hotrod for letting me use the Titania body suit texture he created (you can see how poorly I tried to make my own She-Hulk texture, lines are nowhere near as clean).

I may do more in this 'series' later, just to use more of the wrestling/catfight poses that I have ^_^


Nothing much to this picture, other than at some japanese sight I saw an image of voluptuous, tentacle-haired alien chick, and decided to try my own version ^_^

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Professor Essy

"Esmerelda Scrooge decides to leave the day to day operations of her business to other management, and take a more simple job to bring her closer to her everyday workers.

"She takes up teaching at a local college as her new profession, and to her suprise she discovers that 'little' Timothy Crachet is in her first class.

"Perhaps more personal attention to his studies is necessary, she thinks (and Tim doesn't seem to mind staying after class :-) )".

I'm not that happy with this image because of the lighting, I may re-render it in the future with lights not as bright (they either came out very dark or too bright several times).

I decided to do this image for several reasons:

Someone had requested to see 'Esmerelda Scrooge' again; my 'Circle of Interests" was swinging back towards MILFs ; and I could never get that damned "BBW Abduction" scene to render again :-(

I might refer to Esmerelda as a MILF (which in my mind equates with an older attractive woman, not necessarily a woman who has had a child), but in truth the age category she represents is only 5-10 years older than myself (although I have had people said that I look up to 10 years younger than I actually am ).

I may do other images in soon, since my WoW account is nearly up (and I haven't really played it much in the past 2 months)

BBW Abduction

Okay, you can blame Megatigertron for this one ^_^

he started this whole BBW Crusade deal, and I found that I really like the morph I used for my velma image, so I decided to use it in this one as well ^_^ (didn't even give her my characteristic Big Uns, but that may change).

I'm not making it part of his Crusade, though, because this images focus mainly on the alien.

What I'm proud of in this image is my own 'unique' female "Grey", I combined a lot of morphs to make her tall, thin, yet still shapely.

I may create more in yet another abduction series (I am a UFO buff, even though I don't believe ANY of it [makes for good stories/RPG scenarios, though ]).

Right now, though, my system is still acting strange (takes forever to load a scene, then one render and it crashes when going back to "preview" mode ).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gynoid Reflections

This image could also be called:

"Does this mirror make my chassis look big?" ^_^

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jessie Cotton Tail

To poor Peter's dismay, it seems that the upper management of Mythical Beings Inc. has decided that they need a new "Easter Bunny", to draw in that critical 18-30 year old male demographic ^_^

Happy Easter, Everyone!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Somebody's Watching Me

Velma is getting the strange sensation that, as she is stepping out of the shower, that she is being watched by... something! ^_^

An artist named Megatigertron over at DA has started something he is calling the "BBW CRUSADE", and I was planning on doing another Velma anyway, so here was the chance to use a new BBW morph.

I've done various body types for Velma over time, from a slim and stacked version to a Voluptuous (some would say BBW) version. Currently the artist Julius Zimmerman does my favorite version of Velma. Awhile back, he had this to say about how he justifies a sexy rendition of her:

> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Z
> To: "Zimmerman-Gallery"
> Because I had never seen hardly any SCOOBY-DOO or much of any other
> comic characters, and because my background has been mostly just nudes
> I've always tended to give top priority to what I consider sexy nudes
> and only secondary consideration to depicting characters precisely as
> they were originally designed.
> In my opinion, the designers of VELMA were aiming for that
> stereotypical unattractive "brain" as a counterpoint to the pretty
> "bimbo" Daphne, with perhaps a sly touch of lesbianism overtones
> thrown in for the private amusement of the animation staff. Velma's
> design goes overboard to counter all the artistic rules of what
> constitutes sexy - glasses, bug eyes, freckles, non-form-fitting
> clothes, smart, etc. If I were going to draw her as a sex object,
> these traditional icons would never doo. Fortunately, her loose
> clothing masked the presence of some monster gazongas, which every man
> (and woman) knows goes a long way to boost a woman's attraction
> quotient.

Amen to that! ^_^

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Manhattan Project #1

"Mistress Manhattan has recently discovered a flaw in her new energetic form; it is suffering from severe power fluctuations that could, if left unchecked, eventually result in her erupting in a torrent of energy that could very well endanger the entire planet.

"She comes to the conclusion that her power fluctuations can be controlled by the introduction of a special element, much like dampening rods in a nuclear reactor.

"She uses the machines she has invented to search the universe, and even nearby tangenital universes, to find an element with the correct properties, and then teleport it to her lab.

"To her amazement it brings to her a human being, seemingly made entirely of the metal she needs!"

Hadn't done any 'naughty' images in awhile, so I decided to try something with my Mistress Manhattan; the idea for Colossus just came to mind when I didn't feel like creating another generic flesh-and-blood human as her partner ^_^

Manhattan Project #2

Calling on some long forgotten memory, Mistress Manhattan realizes human males often respond to the appearance of a nude female form they find attractive with a growing turgidity of their sexual organ.

In order to continue her own experiments into the quality of this metallic man, who calls itself "Colossus", she engages in the activity that often follows such a condition in the male (she thinks she remembers it being called "Sex").

Monday, April 6, 2009

Manhattan Project #3

A reverse view on the previous image.

In the movie, it was kind of suggested that, at times, Dr. Manhattan's form was semi-transparent.

Manhattan Project #4

The Oracular Assistant continues to dutifly observe the effect of this "Colossus" metallic substance on its mistresse's own form.

Manhattan Project #5

Another view on the previous image.

Manhattan Project #6

Mistress Manhattan comes to the conclusion that, by regularly taking this highly unusual metallic substance into her form, her severe power fluctuations can be controlled.

Engaging in carnal activities that the human finds pleasurable helps to insure his cooperation, it seems.

The Watch-Women

My feminized version of two of the Watchmen; Mistress Manhattan and Lady Rorschach.

The texture I used for Manhattan was actually ment for a "water elemental".

The mask for Rorschach also has eye holes; if you look closely you can see the eyes (which I made jet black); still I like the look.

My system is getting wonky again; I had to render without shadows (you might notice the blue light coming from Manhattan's side, that would have produced cool shadown if I could do it, dammit! :-( ). Also, this was one of those "one shot" renders, after the render when I tried to go back to the ' preview' image Poser shut down (have to free up some more virtual memory, I think).

Friday, April 3, 2009

Union of the Snake #3

"The giant albino snake managed to swallow over half of "the drow's silky smooth body, when suddenly it began to gasp, then its eyes rolled back into its head and it went still"

"The Snake Priestess finally realized what had happened in shock; her pet had actually "bitten off more than it could chew", to coin a phrase ^_^ "

In hindsight, my Dwarf Priestess is a bit taller than in the original renders (I had to rebuild her). If I use her in the future I'll make her a bit shorter.

Now, it you'll excuse me, suddenly I"m in the mood for a bunch of really big, juicy grapes ^_^

Union of the Snake #2

"The pet of the Snake Priestess begins to swallow its drow-flavored treat whole, while its mistress watches on in evil glee"

Don't worry, I'm not a fan of what's called "Vore" in some circles (women being eaten), so this is not heading where you might think. :-)