Sunday, July 9, 2017


My attempt at depicting the Cryptid first encountered in Point Pleasant, West Virginia known as the "Mothman": Mothman Wiki

This 'Insectoid' morph comes from a producer who I identify with making various 'Furry' morphs for the Victoria 4 and Michael 4 figures (essentially realistic animal heads atop human bodies).

As I've said before, I'm not really that much into the 'Furry' fandom (or, considering the nature of most of my work, 'fetish' is more appropriate :-)).  However, he makes some good stuff, and often puts it on sale, so I have a few of his items (most of which I haven't used yet).  I may eventually use the full 'Insectoid' set in some future images, with a more human head, and combined with other 'organic' outfits I have in my library.

Anyway, as to the Mothman: Despite my chosen pseudonym, I don't really believe in Cryptids and the like, although I do find the tales of it all very interesting, in a "Modern Mythology" kind of way.

Also, as a pencil-and-paper RPG nerd, I eventually plan on using the Mothman in any 'Modern' Pathfinder campaign I may run in the future :-): Mothman for Pathfinder RPG

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