Saturday, May 27, 2017

Duergar Swordmaiden

Once again returning to Daz Studio, the G3 Female, and Dungneons and Dragons :-)

In this case its my representation of a sub-race of dwarf known as the Duergar, or 'Dark Dwarves'.  In 'classic' DnD they are evil bastards who like to enslave other races, and make magic items to sell to the highest bidder (often working said slaves to death to mine the materials to make their items).

However, I like their description in the pages of Dreamscarred Press's "Psionics Unleashed" better:

"There are stories of those who dug too deep into the bowels of the earth, spelunkers who opened ancient cities and awakened things from beyond our worst nightmares. ....

"What returned from that unknown place where logic no longer made sense, where the laws of the world did not always hold sway, and the weak minds of the current races couldn’t fathom were the duergars, who warned of a slumbering deity who would rule over all other deities if awakened.

"By birth they seem to know the lullaby chants of the mentally unbalanced, songs to keep That Which Sleeps Beneath from arising".

In short, they awoke some H. P. Lovecraft-ian monstrosity, and managed to put it back to sleep, escaping with their lives if not their sanity.

In time I'll probably do more images with her, nude of course, and maybe pair her up with my other 'good' dwarven female, and some lucky (or unlucky :-)) human/elven male companion.

For some boring details on how I put this together:

I rendered this in Daz Studio, "IRay" mode.  I fully admit I don't know exactly what IRay is, but it does produce some really detailed skin textures.  That being said, my system is no where near advanced enough to render in Iray properly. so this one simple image took several hours to complete, and you can still see some 'graininess' in the skin.  And afterwards I have to reboot my entire system, as it tends to run VERY slow afterwards (kind of how when I first got into poser, and even a simple image back then froze up my very poor system).

Also, this particular skin texture was meant for the G3 Male model, but I have a application that can let the female use the male textures.  Sadly, it doesn't work for the naughty parts, but I may be able to work around that somehow, so stay tuned.

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