Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Drow and Illithid by MalcolmD

Here is another commission I got this year, this time by another of my fave online Erotica Illustrators, MalcolmD :-)

As well as a page at Hentai Foundry, where you can go to see a slight variation of this version: MalcolmD at Hentai Foundry

Again, I decided to revisit the "Drow and Illithid" idea I had years ago with a couple of other artists to see what they would do.

One of the most interesting things is to see how each artists views the Drow and Illithid.  I have had artists draw the drow with anything from brown skin to obsidian black skin.  Here (and with Zakuman's image I think) the choice seems to be more of a 'charcoal grey', which is still an interesting variation.  For the Illithid he went with a more pinkish-mauve color (it seems that some shade of purple is always associated with Mind Flayers).  Because I asked to somehow be able to see the 'member' of the Illithid (something unique to this individual, as Illithids are 'born' by implanting an egg in a victim, which slowly and painfully transforms the poor victim into a Illithid), so he gave it one appropriate for a tentacular nightmare :-)

Also, in addition to his classic big boobs (one of the things I like about his work :-)), he also gave the drow something he specializes in as well: a wild, "1970's" style bush :-)

Although I don't do it often, I also have enough props to do the same if I want (recently a site called Renderosity recognized the one product that brought in the most profit than any other over all of last year, and it was a set of 'body hair' additions for the female figure [something I found rather interesting, and yes, I do have it :-)]):

 There have been several cases where I have picked up something for use in Poser that may appeal to a particular fetish I don't necessarily have (Like Body Hair, or 'Furries'), but every now and then some items go on sale for such a ridiculously reduced price I sometimes say "Why Not?" and pick it up, even if I don't intend on using often or in the near future (there are STILL some products I picked up years ago I haven't used in an image yet).

I think I'll finally try my own version of this soon now, since I have a good Illithid model (for use with Daz Studiio, unfortunately, which I am still not very good at, although I might be able to 'assemble' a Illithid from scratch to use with Poser, so stay tuned.


wesker1984 said...

Wolvie1984 from youtube,

Yeah it sucks that the WWOEC website closed down. As one of it first visitors it was like being stabbed in the back. I understand your frustrations.

Chup@Cabra said...

As to WWOEC: I always thought I would be leaving that group at some time myself (some of the infighting was getting unbearable). I would just like to know what was going on behind the scenes that led to Cobra shutting it down (I know funds to keep it running was becoming a problem, and I think his own personal health may have been a concern as well). I just hope he's doing okay now, whatever he is doing.

On ME:Andromeda: Despite what a lot of youtubers have said about the game, I'm still enjoying it so far. As I said, I'm such a slow player that many of the technical issues will be fixed before I get to them (like the bar fight scene). I've never encountered that 'spider walk' thing while running, and now the eyes look better (although sometimes the characters, while talking, will 'duck lip' when pronouncing some words ^_^).

I promised someone I know (a fangirl I got addicted to ME by giving her a cheap copy of ME2 ^_^) that I would try to romance the "Fem Garrus" Vetra, just to see what they were going on about with Garrus in the previous series (although I keep wanting to romance PeeBee every time I see her ^_^).

Anyway, good to hear from one of the originals at WWOEC; many of us have migrated over to the Palcomix forum:

There is no image posting galleries there, but truth to tell I had pretty much stopped viewing the galleries at WWOEC a long time ago anyway. If you want to get in contact with any of the other former WWOEC members, that's the place to go.

wesker1984 said...

You can become a fuck friend with PeeBee if you want. Romance her until the moment were you say you don't want something serious with her. Afterward you can engage PeeBee in casual sex without going into the serious romance.

For Vetra i romanced her in my first walkthought and she has no connection with Garrus. She is just the turian squadmate of Ryder. And her love scene is also one of the weakest. But when i do my third walkthrought i would probably romance Cora. Normally i have a thing for alien girls but i love this hot short haired blond biotic soldier!

And the first time i finished the game the 1.05 patch was not released yet and i encountered few issues. Most of the bugs and glitch the youtubers complained was pretty much inexistant in my walkthrought. Sure the facial animations were weaks and the bar scene was a mess but it was the least of my concerns with the tons of contents the game possess. This is why i defend agressively the game.

Thanks for the infos ^^ I think it beens four years since the last time i visited palcomix thought...

Anyway enjoy the game and fuck the haters!

Chup@Cabra said...

Huh, I didn't know PeeBee could be an "Alien With Benefits", huh? ^_^

I'll keep that in mind :-)
I refer to Vetra as a 'Fem Garrus" because she is a female turian who can be a team mate and love interest for Male characters (and female as well, strangely enough ^_^), like Garrus was for females before

My second playthough, whenever that happens, I will probably go for Cora as well (although I'll probably go back to my second playthrough of DA: Inquisition, where I have my Female Dwarven Inquisitor going after the crazy elf chick ^_^)

Anyway, nice to hear from you again. Since I am on a "ME: Andromeda" kick, it will probably be some time before I get back to doing my own images again, although whenever I do it will probably be a version of this very image we are commenting on :-)

Now, if you'll excuse me, its time to try for the umpteenth time to raid that Kett structure on Eos (been trying for a couple of days now, if I can't beat it I'll just 'cheat' and set the difficulty to Easy).

wesker1984 said...

Ah i see ^^ True Vetra is basically ''Fem Garrus''. She is a good character but feel uninspired when you compare her to your other squadmates. For exemple i like her more than Liam but not as more as Cora, Peebee, Jaal and Drack.

In my first walkthrought i played a paragon default Scott Ryder and romanced Vetra and in my second i played a more renegade default Sara Ryder and i made her romancing Jaal but when i do my third walkthrought i will replay my default paragon male Ryder but make my game perfect with all the choices i prefer ^^

Also if you want to know in the original trilogy of Mass Effect i've made two Shepards also. A paragon default male-Shep who romanced Tali(she is still my favorite girl in ME) and chosed the control ending in ME3 and a default renegade fem-Shep who romanced Garrus and chosed the destroy ending in ME3.

For the Dragon Age series i played a city elf warrior and romanced Morrigan in DA1. In Dragon Age 2 i played a default warrior male Hawke and romanced Merrill but had sex with Isabella and played a Qunari warrior inquisitor in DA:I who romanced Cassandra. If they make a DA4 i will probably play a male dwarf just for the fun of having played all the main races in four games ;)

In any case enjoy your play time with ME:A ^^ And take the time you need buddy!