Thursday, January 26, 2017

Out of Order....Again (*sigh*)

Well, looks like I won't be doing many images soon (unless its with Daz Studio).

Unfortunately, the portable drive I used to store most all of my Poser files got damaged beyond readability, and I was idiot enough not to have it backed up :x

Those files are worth enough to me that I may go through the expensive (for me) process of sending it to a data retrieval center.

Luckily for me I didn't store porn on the drive, so there's nothing there that could get me thrown in jail (although some of the poser folders have curious names, like "Naughty Parts", so that could raise a few eyebrows :oops:

Since I have been buying stuff for Daz Studio, I can make some renders using that program (and the stuff for it) exclusively, but they may turn out rather bare bones, but it should help me scratch my creative itch until I get my files back.

Until then don't expect much from me (although I haven't been doing much lately anyway, partly out of a lack of drive and just damn buying so much stuff that I never used yet  :upset: )

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