Saturday, November 5, 2016

Mbombe in Peril 2

Another image featuring the OC of the artist Hirumono called "Mbombe, the Elephant Girl" : Hirumono's Mbombe

You can of course see the first two things that caught my interest about the character  :-)

Much of his work also appeals to my various interests, so he is among my favorite Fantasy Erotic Artists at Hentai Foundry.

She is currently in peril from some as yet unknown force, which I may reveal soon, so stay tuned :-)

For the boring 'construction' notes:
Once again using Daz Studio for this image, and the Genesis 3 Female.  This is a very versatile figure, since it can have a really staggering amount of morphs put into it (depending on the various packs you can get).  Of course I have almost all of the Breast morph packs out there :-)

That being said, the one thing I HATE about the model is the aureola/nipple morphs, which most often turn looking like one hugely distended nipple instead.  I think I may have finally found a fix around this, so in future images I may make use of it.

Also, at the moment I have only one 'default' African-American face, and I don't particularly like the lip shape it has (tried to dial it back manually, but it just didn't look right).  I may pick up a couple of other morphs for any other Daz renders I use a Black female in.

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