Thursday, October 27, 2016

Would You Like To Play A Game?

My take on a female, human version of "Billy the Puppet" from the "Saw" movie series :-)

For my unsolicited opinion on the movies:

I've never gone to the theater to see any of the "Saw" movies, although I have seen pieces of them all on TV, particularly during this 'season'.

I think this movie suffered from what "The Omen" series did way back when.  In both cases, the first movie showed people being killed in surprising ways, but still had a story behind it.  The following movies tried to capitalize on the deaths (which was the most shocking, and therefore interesting portion) by doing even 'better' deaths, until it became a parody of itself, in my opinion.

I mean, really; I'm supposed to believe this guy who was dying of cancer had time to make ALL those elaborate death traps, plus the resources to acquire all the equipment?

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