Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Ring, Samara Morgan BE

My somewhat B.E. take on Samara, from the film series "The Ring": Samara Morgan Wiki

I've never seen any of the movies, but I've seen a lot of fan art of this character around.  This being 'The Season' and all, I decided to try my own version, particularly because I picked up a character pack that was pretty much meant to be her (or at least, her adult asian counterpart :-)).

On a side note that has little to do with this character: With the breast size I gave my version, and the 'asian' face morph, she kind of reminds me of the Japanese AV Actress (read 'porn' :-)) Hitomi Tanaka.  She has a set of breasts nearly as large as what I rendered here (I won't provide a link, just google her yourself to see ^_^).

For some boring notes:
I once again used Daz Studio for this image, mainly to use the 'wet skin' application I have for this model (Genesis 3 Female).  Because it had to be rendered in "IRay", I rendered the room itself alone first in Poser, and then in Daz I included the TV, the girl, and the puddle of water only.

Even with these few items in the scene, it still took Daz Studio over 4 hours to complete the render, while I'm sure that Poser could have done it in less than half the time, even with everything in the scene.  That's probably why the water and skin look a bit grainy in areas (my system is barely upto spec to do a high quality Poser render, much less Daz in IRay).  I still like how it came out overall, though.

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