Sunday, October 30, 2016

Send In The Clowns

An image somewhat influenced by a strange craze that has been going on this Halloween season: The "Evil Clown": Evil Clown Sightings Wikipedia Entry

In short, there seems to be something going on where people are dressing as 'Evil Clowns' and trying to scare people in various ways, although of course some people think there is something more sinister, and supernatural, going on :-)

As for myself, I'm getting sick to death of the whole 'Evil Clown' meme.  Yes, The Joker is probably the best Super Villain EVER, and if you have ever been a fan of Stephen King then "It" is probably one of your favorite stories (and particularly Tim Curry's portrayal of It's material form, Pennywise The Clown), but enough is enough.

Clowns are meant to represent Humor, Laughter, Merriment....and Cheese burgers :-)

I've even read that some performers who make their living as Party Clowns are actually having their business hurt by this particular craze (and there is strong evidence that reports of Clowns stalking children are hoaxes).  I for one will be glad when this particular craze burns out.

That being said, I do notice that I have no less than 4 'makeup sets' to make Evil Female Clowns, so at some point I'll be using them, if only to get my money's worth out of them :-)

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