Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Succubus Queen

With this image, I'm using the program Daz Studio, which is essentially a 'free' version of Poser: www.daz3d.com/get_studio

I've been using Poser all this time mostly because it is more 'user friendly' than Daz (to me, anyway).  As I have said before, though, it can be quite expensive (I use Version 9, while Version 11 cost $200 :omg:)

However, lately there seems to be fewer stuff available for poser, and the last male/female figure made for use with Just poser was the Generation 4 figures.  Generation 5 and up are only useable with Daz (can be used with Poser 10+ with some add ons).

I started using Daz recently thanks to some morphs Genesis figure made by DarioFish, to help recreate races from the game Mass Effect.

This is one of the first times a render with Daz has come out with shadows and reflections (I believe you have to have specific lights for use with Daz, which is why my earlier renders with that program didn't come out as well).

I'll probably be using it more and more in the time to come, since I've been picking up a good bit of stuff to use with Daz (and the Genesis 3 Female), but I'll probably always go back to Poser just because I have SO MUCH stuff for it and Vicky 4 :-)

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