Sunday, August 7, 2016

Miley vs The Alien

A surprising bit of sad news, it seems:
I just learned that the person who made the "Miley Cyrus" celebrity morph (as well as the hair used in this image) passed away recently :-(:
StudioArtVartanian Memorial

As a Poser user, you rarely get to see the faces behind the products you use, unless you are on some kind of personal friendship basis with them.  Its just sad to know that someone who has made several of the products I use passed away at such a young age.


This image has its origins in something I saw recently and a realization I made:

Not too long ago, I just happened to have my TV parked on one of the music stations, when the video for Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball" was shown.

Now, to be clear, I am NOT one of those guys who had the hots for Miley during her "Hannah Montana" phase.

Its clear though, now that she is no longer a teenager, that she is purposely trying to distance herself as far away from her "Hannah" years as she can, particularly by being overtly sexual in her stage performances and music videos.

In "Wrecking Ball" she does this by riding a wrecking ball in the nude (shot so as to not show any 'naughty bits' of course :-)).

That, surprisingly, wasn't the part that got to me.  After some thought I finally discerned what it was: the particular 'outfit' she was wearing, composed of a thin T-Shirt and tiny panties, just like something else I saw when I was young that made an impression on me, the final moments of the movie "Alien" where Ripley/Sigourney Weaver stripped down to the same trappings :-)

So along those lines I made this image of Miley in the place of Ripley, in more or less the same outfit.

You know, I have read they are planning a "Alien 5" that will erase everything that happened after "Aliens", which would be great :-)

Since the actress who played "Newt" left Hollywood long ago (she is now a school teacher, according to wikipedia), I could see an adult Newt being played by Miley, if that character is to have a part in that movie.

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