Sunday, July 17, 2016

She-Hulk: Midnight Dip and Push-Ups

Warning: A small rant on how I was inspired to do, and 'constructed' these images follow, so just feel free to skip all of this and oogle the images yourself ^_^

Recently (as of this post), an erotic artist I follow over at Hentai Foundry, by the curious name of 'Bloodfart', did a small 'flood' of images featuring one of my favorite sexy Marvel Ladies, She-Hulk.

The one I liked the most was one titled "Part 1 Rain": Part 1 Rain by Bloodfart

I liked it enough that I decided to try my own versions.  The first and second version below was done in the program Daz Studio (essentially a free version of the program Poser).

I'm still learning my way around Daz (just recently got it to work properly in my system), but one of the things I picked up awhile back was something to emulate just this effect, of water/oil on the skin of the 'Generation 4' figure.

I'm still learning lighting, so my first try turned out too dark (the second image), but the other try looked good enough.

In Poser, which I like using more because it has way more options (but can be quite expensive, which is why I'm using Version 9, while Version 11 is now available).  It has several applications to emulate this effect which I have, so for this one I combined two 'wet body suits': One to give the effect of water droplets on the torso and dripping from the breasts, and another to give the whole body a 'sprinkled with water' look.

Didn't come out as well as I had hoped; maybe because I swapped out a green skin on an otherwise 'human' skin that had so called 'sub-surface scattering' (for a more realistic looking skin in the proper light).  The two suits combines are probably what made the dark spots on her body (particularly around the areola and on the legs).

Also, this render took nearly 10 HOURS to finish because of the 'true reflective' water she is standing in, and in the end the look wasn't all that impressive (pay close attention and you may notice below her knees how the water changes appearance; I was getting impatient so I turned down the 'reflectivity' :-))

Lastly, I decided to try yet another animation, although this time not a sex one (necessarily:-) ).

I have several animations of a woman doing various exercises, and I thought it would look neat if a large breasted woman were doing push-ups, so I spent some time tweaking the animation to add appropriate 'boob squash' as they pressed to the floor, as well as adding some frames of her boobs swinging free :-)

Both the 'squash' and the 'swing' could have been better (for one, her hands are below floor level), but in the end I liked how they came out.

You can see a low res version of the animation below, or download a high res version (as long as it last), here: Jenny Push Ups

Okay, now that I've gotten She-Hulk out of my head, back to my previous project :-)

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