Monday, July 18, 2016

Psion Uncarnate

Again, another long rant to explain the origin of the images follow ^_^

As I've mentioned before, through the years I've played a game called "Dungeons and Dragons".

One of my favorite rules sets are those that deal with 'Psionic' characters, and one of the psionic classes you can play is called the "Psion Uncarnate", which is described as:

 "An uncarnate's ultimate goal is to become a being of pure mind, unbound by the limits of corporeality. "The flesh is weak, but the mind is strong" is an aphorism among many psions, but uncarnates take it as their guiding truth. They seek to become discarnate, to grow into creatures of pure thought held together by psionic will."

I've seen a couple of illustrations of what a Psion Uncarnate might look like, but I found the second one below more interesting, even if it is the simpler of the two.  As you can probably see, it shows the body of the character semi-transparent, and you can see the skeleton and 'nervous system' below the skin.

I have a couple of things I can use to emulate that effect (one of which I have used before, in one form or another), so I decided to try my own version of the Psion Uncarnate.

The 'Phase 2' version didn't come out as well as I had hoped, the 'ghost' effect was probably too transparent, and I don't know how to adjust the effect yet.

I gave her a glowing 'halo' because, in the 4th Edition of the rules, illustrations of psionic characters almost always showed them with such, and I liked that (but hated the overall rules for that edition).

Finally, I decided to pair her with another chartacter for a 'naughty scene' ^_^.  No real purpose behind this character, but I guess because of the skin you can assume he is also some kind of psion.

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