Friday, July 1, 2016

Curvy Drow Priestess

Once again using Daz Studio and the 'Genesis 3 Female' figure, this time to produce a super curvy Drow Priestess :-)

Warning: Long rant about the process of doing the image follows, so be warned :-)

The images labeled "Curvy Drow Daz" and "Drow Test Iray" were done in the program Daz Studio.  This 'drow' skin has a lot of options, but they only come out when rendered in what is called "Iray", which I freely admit I know nothing about.  I was able to do a "Iray" render ONCE (the 'test' image). You can see the 'lava cracks' effect on her face and body, as well as the glowing eyes.

Every other attempt I tried to do in Iray turned out very grainy (like the alternate "Goblin Tit Job" images in the previous post, which I mistakenly did in Iray), and I have no reason why (as far as I know nothing has changed).

I also really like the outfit for this one, although you can't really see it due to the proportions :-)
The body of it is looks like a dragon, with the 'wings' wrapped around her breasts, and the 'tail' coming up between the legs to form the crotch piece.  I may use it again in a image with more 'natural' proportions to show it off.

Anyway, again, this image is somewhat inspired by the art of a couple of people I have been following lately:

One goes by the name of SunnySunDown: SunnySunDown's Tumblr

The other goes simply by the name Shiin: Shiin's Tumblr

Both tend to draw women with frankly inhuman proportions, but I still like their style.

With the G3 Female, there are tons of morphs available for it that, when dialed to the extreme, can produce this look as well.  I probably could do it with my standard 'Victoria 4' figure as well, but as I have said before clothing automatically matches the body morphs in Daz Studio without them having to be built into the clothing (as with V4).

However, there is one thing I dislike about the G3 Female which I have pointed out before: I just hate all the nipple/areola morphs available for it, they just don't look as good as those for V4.

Also, while these proportions may look good in drawn artwork or in 3D, I've found that in 'real life' they don't quite appeal to me as much, as in the case of this person someone pointed out on youtube byt the name of Raylynn 0_0:


Parachan G. Nitwit said...

JESUS! She's real and......


Chup@Cabra said...

"The Power of Booty Compels you!!" ^_^