Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Emerald House

"A human merchant takes some time off from his travels a nearby demi-human majority town to visit its local 'House of Ill Repute', known as "The Emerald House" among locals.

"Allegedly, the name is meant to reference a large emerald ring the Madame of the house wears, but others say its due to the hue of the skin of many of its Ladies" :-)

This image was inspired by the work of the artist InCase: Goblin Harem by InCase

He doesn't seem to have a color version at any of his sites, so I'll post the color version here (found at Rule 34), with apologies to InCase himself.

I do like like his style, even though not all of his work appeals to me (he sometimes focuses on 'futanari', male-on-male, etc).

I do particularly like his Fantasy themed images though, including an extensive comic focusing on his version of 'halflings' (read 'Hobbits') he shares with his non-patreon fans: Alfie Comic by InCase

In my own image I tried to make at least one unique looking 'goblin', by placing a 'Day of the Dead' makeup over a green tinted skin (for the other two, I just used a green overlay over a normal caucasian skin).

I put the orc babe in just because I was too lazy to make a third or fourth goblin for the scene  :-)

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