Saturday, May 28, 2016

Natural Dwarf

Warning: Somewhat long rant on females and body hair follows :-)

I've been playing at Poser long enough that, at times, I am inspired to do an image that features content that isn't necessarily in my 'interest group'.

In this case its body hair on women :-)

As some may or may not know, one of my favorite artists her at DA is MalcolmD: MalcolmD at DeviantArt

In addition to drawing women with Huge Boobies :-), one of his other 'specialties' is what I wouild call 'natural' women: women with prominent body hair, pubic or otherwise.

He has done a series of Female Fantasy Dwarf images in the past with this theme, and in some he even has a good rationalization for why humans mistake female dwarves for male (tendency to grow their head hair into long braids which they sometimes wear tied under their chins, and I would even guess for the heavy pubes, they would produce a noticeable bulge in the pants :-)): Dwarven Thunder Blessing by MalcolmD

So, along these lines, I once again return to Daz Studio and the Genesis figure, so that I attach a male beard to the female figure.  I seem to have beaten the rendering problems I was having with Daz (although a render still takes WAY longer than in poser, even without much in the image).

In this case I didn't give this female dwarf a full beard, but some 'muttonchops', as well as a full bush and even a so-called 'Treasure Trail' along her abdomen :-)

I also put some hair on her forearms, but I think it was a bit too thick there (had a shorter hair prop, but was too lazy to re-render it with that).

There is a long standing debate among fans of Dungeons and Dragons on if female dwarves should have full beards or not.  Of course I fall on the side of 'not', but I could compromise with something like this (still unusual, but not the total turnoff that a bearded woman would be :-)).


Anonymous said...

MalcolmD says: Whoa, great stuff! It's nice that my work can sometimes help inspire imaginations like yours. I notice that you went for darker skin and hair colors that are more faithful to most of the dwarven descriptions in D&D texts, so I would guess that you were also influenced by that material.

As it happens, I have some affection for sideburns too, but I usually reserve them for shifters so as to give that race some definition.

Chup@Cabra said...

I have noticed that Forgotten Realms Dwarves tend to be darker skinned than 'standard' fantasy dwarves, so maybe that was in the back of my mind.

Now that I think about it, sideburns on the Shifter race does make a lot of sense. I think I remember way back in the first animated version of "The Avengers" that Tigra was like that (with large tufts of fur around her forearms and calves as well).

Anonymous said...

MalcolmD says: Don't get me wrong — sideburns look great on dwarves too, and they're a nice touch on your girl.