Thursday, May 12, 2016

Battle Watch

As the name may somewhat suggest, this image was inspired by something I have seen recently, advertisements for the First Person Shooter games "Overwatch" and "Battle Born".
Battle Born:

I don't plan on picking up either game, since I really suck at FPS games, but I found I like the character designs for both games, but Overwatch in particular.

There was even a little bit of controversy about a certain character in Overwatch called "Tracer", and the 'Cammy'-like victory pose she could give (showing the viewer her rear end).  It seems that it upset one vocal parent, and so blizzard changed the pose to make them happy 9_9:

My own thoughts on the subject: In short, Tracer doesn't HAVE a butt, so there was really nothing there to be upset over :-)

Anyway, this character is in the style of characters from the game (maybe Widowmaker over all others).

Another side geek note: Awhile back I did images that mixed the varioius Dungeons and Dragons fantasy tropes with Cyberpunk, in a setting I dubbed "Cyber Arcanna".  Its funny, but Widowmaker from Overwatch really fits a 'Cyber Drow' (Dark Elf) concept really well, even down to the spider theme and skin coloring (sinca a lot of artists out there color their drow purple instead of jet black).

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