Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Cowgirl Vs Garou

This is s set of  images I did for Neoyggdrazil, the artist who drew the 'Chibi Chupacabra' I use for my Logo, as part of an 'art trade' :-)

He wanted to see a voluptuous 'Country Cowgirl' having an amorous encounter with a Werewolf, and I just happen to have a set of poses that fit that bill perfectly ^_^

Because of the complex light set, and my somewhat outdated system, these took awhile to render, but I like how they came out eventually.


Anonymous said...

Awesome job! Glad to see another set with the werewolf! Thank you for sharing!

By chance are you available for commissions?

Chup@Cabra said...

Thanks for the compliment ^_^

As to commissions: I'm afraid I don't do them (yet) for a few reasons, mainly because I'm just too damn lazy ^_^.

Also, I do this for fun, and doing a commission to specifications I may or may not be able to satisfy makes it a job instead (and my actual job is NO fun, let me tell you :-( ).

I rarely will do a request or, as in this case, an 'art trade' if the other person can do something I may want, so feel free to make a suggestion; just no promises on if/when I may ever get to it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, how much do you charge for a 2 panels color page of a sex scene with 2 characters? I intend to ask for 3 or 4 pages, but I want to pay one page each time.

ely_maranhao at yahoo dot com dot br

Anonymous said...

Oh, this set is such a delightful tease.

Is there any chance you can do a full tranformation sequence for the cowgirl, from going into heat into turning into a busty, howling and savage beauty of the night? I'd REALLY love to see such a set, regardless of how you do it!