Thursday, March 17, 2016

Queen Elsa and Mother Gothel by MalcolmD

Each year around this time, I try to get a commissioned art image or two from an artist.

My favorite one to get images from is a fellow who goes by the name of MalcolmD: MalcolmD At Deviantart

The subject of this image was born from something I saw at a youtube site called Film Theorists: Film Theorists: Frozen

In short, it postulates that Elsa is 'actually' the sister of Rapunzel from Frozen (unusual hair, magical powers, etc.).

So, in this image, Mother Gothel pays Queen Elsa a visit, and uses a magic spell to absorb Elsa's magic, restoring her own youth (and some side Breast Expansion benefits  :-))

Why is she absorbing Elsa's powers through her breasts?  Because its the Chup-Verse, and EVERYTHING involves boobs there, that's why!!  :-)

In the second image he used a background I provided using Poser, but in the end I thought the background he picked looked better.

I may try to emulate this soon in Poser, so stay tuned.

See my blog for a couple of variations, and a big "Thanks!" to MalcolmD for doing this image for me (he is available for commissions, if anyone is interested in getting an image of their own from him).

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