Friday, February 19, 2016

Jenny On Top

Once again using one of the few pre-made sex animations I have, this time featuring She-Hulk and her favorite partner in the Chup-Verse, Colossus (one of the few beings I figure that can survive having sex with a Super Strong female like Jenny ^_^).

I have included a shorter version of the video here (I looped it twice to expand it to one minute), but you can also see a streaming better quality version HERE

Or, for as long as the link lasts, download a high quality version HERE

The keen eyed may notice some errors: At one point the reflections in the skin of Colossus change.  That's because this took several days of start-and-stop rendering for my poor system to complete (500+ frames), and when I restarted the rendering I forgot to make Colossus himself non-visible in raytracing (reduces rendering time somewhat).  Also near the end Jenny's breast suddenly part, I had moved them closer but again, when restarting the rendering, forgot to reinstate that for the final few frames.

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