Sunday, January 10, 2016

Captain Phasma

Some images of the "Chrome Stormtrooper", Capt. Phasma, from "The Force Awakens".

These are mostly based on the work of Naavs, whose Ahsoka Tano work also inspired me to do a few like images.

I will attach the image that inspired each one below, but here are links to his stuff if you want to check out his site for yourself:
Phasma Seated
"Dat Ass" Capt. Phasma
Phasma Bukkake

I haven't done one like the third one yet, but I may update this post in awhile.

The artist that inspired the next image goes by the name of "Da Polar Inc", but I found it at a site called "Rule 34", as I don't have a account where he posts his stuff.

Some more boring notes (but its my blog, I'm allowed to be boring ^_^):
The "First Order Trooper" outfit comes from Vanishing Point, which has provided a lot of Star Wars props for free: Vanishing Point Freebies

I tried my best to match the face of my model to that of the actual actress,  Gwendoline Christie.  I think I did okay, but you can only tell with a close up (I may do a comparison pic and post it here as well).

Something else I discovered while searching for images of the actress: She has actually posed nude in the past! 0_0

I'll leave it to you to do the image searching.  I do find it unusual that someone with her body type chose to do any kind of nude modeling, but from what I could tell it had to do with something about 'bodies of all types being beautiful' and all.

However, for my images I decided to go the way Naavs did, and give her a somewhat muscular build.

I found this character interesting, but she may end up like Darth Maul or Boba Fett: a promising character that will end up poorly underused.  I've read that she will be in Episode 8 though, with promises that she will have a larger role.

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