Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Verto-The Queen

Revisiting Halloween in a small way with this image :-)

There is a Youtube personality I follow who goes by the name of Linkara.  He primarily comments on comics, and usually Very Bad comics for the comical opportunities :-).  Each October, however, he runs a series called "Longbox of the Damned", where his alter ego "Moarte" discusses various halloween/horror themed comics.

This year, one of those comics was "Creepy #20": Longbox of the Damned

In it, one of the stories is called "Verto".  In this story a girl finds an unusual bug, and keeps it as a pet, where it continues to grow larger, and Larger, and LARGER :wow:

SPOILER:  It eventually gives 'birth' to some sort of cocoon, which releases a horde of smaller critters that end up consuming her :-(

I thought this was such a fracking SAD ending to the story! :-(

So here is my 'Alternate Ending' to that story, where the bugs instead transform her into their new queen ^_^

Of course, this is not necessarily a 'happy' ending, as she may end up like Sarah Kerrigan from "Starcraft", and lead her new insectile horde to take over the planet! :fear:

If you want to read the story yourself, I made a gallery here: Creepy #20: Verto

Some boring Poser notes:  This is another image where I'm using Daz Studio, and the Genesis 1 figure.  This 'Guyver' outfit (as I call it) can only be used with Genesis, and I liked it too much not to pick it up (although with some work I can use it with Victoria 4, which I may do in the future).

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