Sunday, December 20, 2015

Lavali and Sandra

Before I get started on doing some Christmas themed images, here is one based on a web comic I have been following.

Its called "Sandra On The Rocks":

Its a Spin-Off of the "Menage A 3" series, which I did a poor image of a long while back (maybe I'll go back and do another of Zii sometime :-)):

This comic follows the misadventures of Sandra, one of the Ma3 gang, as she tries to make a life for herself.

This image in particular is based on a couple of strips where she is trying to help her lesbian friend find someone new, but, in classic "Three's Company" style, another person, Lavali, mistakes Sandra for lesbian and Sandra never catches on, despite all the OBVIOUS hints, like in these two :-):

Of course, one reason Sandra doesn't catch on is that she is a bit of a lush (she really likes her alcoholic beverages :-)).

I don't think the comic is making light of actual drinking problems in the real world, but in classic fashion that has existed for as long as Comedy, Drunk People are Funny ^_^

From the way the character is drawn (dark skin and the Bindi on the forehead), Lavali is supposed to be Indian.  I didn't want to go 'cartoony' with my renders, so I kept her face realistic with a 'Indian' face morph, although I did add the brow 'bangles' as well just because I liked the look.

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