Monday, December 28, 2015

Black Dwarf

A couple of images from me, again somewhat inspired by MalcolmD and his Dwarven Female images: Fantasy Races by MalcolmD

Sorry for the unimaginative name, getting harder to come up with good names for images

Once again I'm going to the Genesis 3 figure and a 'dwarf female' morph made for it. I did modify the body a bit to give larger, wider feet and hands, and a larger, somewhat bulbous nose.  I set her average height at about 4 feet or so, with the human behind her about 6 feet tall.

Also, although 'hairy' isn't particularly my fetish, inspired by MalcolmD and perhaps by InCase, I gave the figure a full bush, and a 'treasure trail' down her belly (as well as armpit hair props, but just not visible in these images).

Still have to learn how to use Daz Studio, as there are no shadows in either image, and for some reason I now notice that her inner mouth textures dissapeared in the second image

I'll probably still play around with this figure and post more here soon, since I still have a couple of other Dwarf morphs to use, as well as a LOT of boob/butt morphs for the Genesis 3 figure before I get tired of it, so stay tuned

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