Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Morticia's Gift

"Morticia Addams receives a special gift from Santa this year, a certain "Mistress of the Dark" with whom she has long wanted to have a talk about Copyright Infringement" :-)

Revisiting the last holiday with this image, and making an early Birthday present for a personal friend of mine who was born on Christmas Eve, featuring two of his favorite characters (and a favorite theme of his :-)).

I said the 'copyright infringement' thing in jest, but on some closer searching I learned a few things.

First, its true that The Addams Family did come first, with Charles Addams himself  having created the family in 1938 for the New Yorker magazine:

Upon reading up on Elvira, however, I found that the show that she would come to host was for a very short time hosted by Maila Nurmi, who is probably best known for the character Vampira (which I remember from the schlock classic "Plan 9 From Outer Space" :-)):

I can't help but wonder if Elvira's look was inspired by Vampira, and if Vampira in turn was inspired by Morticia Addams?

Actually, now that I read the Vampira wiki entry, I see that Vampira was indeed inspired by Morticia first, and Maila Nurmi in turn sued Cassandra Peterson over Elvira's similarities to Vampira (although the case was dismissed).

Anyway, I may revisit Halloween one more time before christmas, as I had planned on doing a Wednesday Addams image, so I may re-create an image I did a long while back

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