Saturday, November 21, 2015

Dragon's Lair

Again, Furry isn't necessarily my kink, but I have one flaw: I can't resist a Sale (particularly on something that was already relatively cheap to begin with ).

A producer by the name of Philosopher's Egg has created a good series of 'Furry' morphs, and I picked up some he had on sale recently.

I'm proud of how this came together, since part of the 'fun' with Poser images is to try to 'make it your own' in some way.

For this image I modified the base 'skin' color (originally a Golden Yellow), and tried my best to match the tail and wings to that color. I also made her 'mini horns', and nails golden, and added a set of horns that didn't come with the morph that I liked the look of.

 In the future I may decrease the 'strength' of the Dragon Face morph (here at 100%), to give her an 'alien' look while still looking more human.

She may appear again, paired off against a Dragon Slayer perhaps

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