Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Zombie Strippers

Here is an image based on something I've seen in at least three zombie-related movies over the years: Zombie Strippers :-) The movie "Zombie Land" has a short segment in the beginning where a guy is running away from a bouncy zombified stripper ^_^ (Red Band Trailer):

One of the "Resident Evil" movies (can't recall which) has a couple of silicone enhanced zombies shambling around, and finally the new movie "Scout's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse" has a scene where the scouts encounter their first zombie in a strip club (and later one of them takes a selfie with a bare chested female zombie cop stuck in a chain link fence :-)) (Red Band Trailer):

As to future Halloween images, a small rant:  I think I've tripped myself up this year.  I set myself a deadline of Halloween to come up with more images, but my same 'mindset' that currently prevents me from doing many requests has come back to kick me in the ass; I just find it impossible to work under pressure, even self induced :-).

Also, I usually take Halloween Week off work, but this year I decided to save my vacations for all next year, so that plays a part.

I will try to come up with more ideas for halloween, but probably not as many as I used to post, although as usual I may still do 'creepy' images throughout the year.

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