Saturday, October 17, 2015

Love and Death

"A Warlock who sold his soul in return for magical power finally leaves this Mortal Coil, and a servant of the entity with whom he made the deal comes to claim the reward for its master.

"However, upon seeing the comely face and form of the petitioner, it decides to... delay... the delivery of the soul, so that it mighy enjoy the pleasures it has to offer for a time" :-)

The month is already half over and I haven't done any more Halloween related images (decided to abandon the "Velma and the Garou" series, just wasn't interested).

This idea, however, has inspired me to do a short 'naughty' series of images. They took so long to render, though, that after the 4th image I just said 'that's enough' and left it without a 'money shot' ending ^_^

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