Saturday, October 31, 2015


I rarely do back to back images to post here featuring the same character, but there is special reason for this one (of course see my blog for a nude variation).

Earlier today on Cartoon Network I saw a Scooby-Doo animated 'movie' called "FrankenCreepie" :-)

In it, Velma inherits the estate of her long lost uncle in Transylvania... Pennsylvania (where some Transylvanian immigrants moved to long ago :-)).  Without ruining it for those who haven't seen it, while visiting her uncle's castle she comes to take up his esoteric scientific ways, even going so far as to adopt a wardrobe more fitting her new role :-) (see the screencap above).

Note that that screen cap is from the actual movie, and it shows that the 'real' Velma actually does have quite a curvy figure underneath that bulky sweater and skirt (although not as full figured as I depict her ^_^).

So inspired by that image, I came up with this  (although I guess my version is more into Magic than Weird Science).

Witchy Velma

Well, its that Creepie, Eerie time of the year again, and here is the first of the last images I'll make for this All Hallow's Eve; a Sultry, Sexy, Witchy Velma :-)

The image is probably a bit too dark; I played around with different light sets (and added some lights) but they were all to bright in the end, so I settled for this.

You may notice the tree has a 'face' in it (intentional, as it is a halloween prop), and there is a Siamese cat hiding in a nook below it :-)

I'll probably do a couple of more images before the Midnite Hour (where I live anyway).  I didn't do as many this year because of several reasons which I already mentioned (not as much time and my own procrastination tendacy).

So if I don't say it later this Halloween Night, "Happy Halloween"! :-)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Zombie Strippers

Here is an image based on something I've seen in at least three zombie-related movies over the years: Zombie Strippers :-) The movie "Zombie Land" has a short segment in the beginning where a guy is running away from a bouncy zombified stripper ^_^ (Red Band Trailer):

One of the "Resident Evil" movies (can't recall which) has a couple of silicone enhanced zombies shambling around, and finally the new movie "Scout's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse" has a scene where the scouts encounter their first zombie in a strip club (and later one of them takes a selfie with a bare chested female zombie cop stuck in a chain link fence :-)) (Red Band Trailer):

As to future Halloween images, a small rant:  I think I've tripped myself up this year.  I set myself a deadline of Halloween to come up with more images, but my same 'mindset' that currently prevents me from doing many requests has come back to kick me in the ass; I just find it impossible to work under pressure, even self induced :-).

Also, I usually take Halloween Week off work, but this year I decided to save my vacations for all next year, so that plays a part.

I will try to come up with more ideas for halloween, but probably not as many as I used to post, although as usual I may still do 'creepy' images throughout the year.

Monday, October 19, 2015

The Pit Hungers

No pithy commentary here, just an image of a an elf maid being offered to some Cthulian meanace :-)

This is one of the few times that I went back and used the old Victoria 3 model (for the Evil Priestesses in the back).  I don't think I'll ever use the models beyond Victoria 4 (at least for a long time), as all the stuff I have for Vicky 4 suits me so far.

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Another somewhat Halloween themed image, where one of the Na'Vi alien race (from the "Avatar" movie) has somehow been merged with a Xenomorph, with interesting results :-)

I got this idea from someone online talking about how they would 'fix' the movie "Prometheus" (the 'prequel' to 'Alien'), and they said they would do almost anything, like having a Alien Queen somehow land on Pandora (the moon home planet of the Na'Vi) and producing interesting alternate Aliens.

So I took a 'alien' skin I had in my library, added the 'Na'Vi' stripes and spots, and this is the result (I even gave her glass-like teeth).

I may do more images with her later.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Love and Death

"A Warlock who sold his soul in return for magical power finally leaves this Mortal Coil, and a servant of the entity with whom he made the deal comes to claim the reward for its master.

"However, upon seeing the comely face and form of the petitioner, it decides to... delay... the delivery of the soul, so that it mighy enjoy the pleasures it has to offer for a time" :-)

The month is already half over and I haven't done any more Halloween related images (decided to abandon the "Velma and the Garou" series, just wasn't interested).

This idea, however, has inspired me to do a short 'naughty' series of images. They took so long to render, though, that after the 4th image I just said 'that's enough' and left it without a 'money shot' ending ^_^

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Velma and the Garou, Take Two

Well, here is my first image for the month of All Hallow's Eve

A long while back I did a series of images where Velma has a late night encounter with an amorous lycanthrope.  Just do a search here for "Velma and the Garou", as there are several images, and this was before I learned that you can do multiple images in one post.

I may do some more renders fearturing Velma and this female Lycan as well, and post them all here when I'm finished

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Diana Restrained

Just a quickie image of Wonder Woman being restrained by her own magic lasso by some unknown foe :-)

She doesn't have my 'usual' Uber Jugglies because the ropes are actually static props, not clothing that can morph with the figure (something I didn't know when I impulse bought the item, unfortunately :-().  I can still make use of it, though.