Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Panda's Glade

Another 'quick' image/animation using another 'furry' morph I found.

Thing is, I'm not particularly a 'furry' fan in the 'classic' sense.  The majority of furry fans (erotic or otherwise) tend to like basically human bodies with anthropomorphic heads (to varying degrees).

The kind of 'furry' I prefer tend to be of the likes of 'Tigra' from Marvel Comics, or 'Cheetara' from the Thundercats (basically totally human women, maybe with an animal tail, and skin coloration of the 'totem' they represent.

In this case, though, I picked up this 'panda' skin/morph set based entirely on the fact that it was on sale ^_^

I may still use the other variations of this skin set with more 'humanized' furry characters in the future, though.

For no particular reason I decided to use one of the short animation files I have to show her belly dancing (although there are some errors: I moved her over to the left initially, and moved the rocks back a bit, but they quickly slid back to their original positions [still have a LOT to learn about animations]).

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