Friday, September 4, 2015

The Dragon Kings Project

This is going to be one of the few non-image posts I make here.

Recently I learned of something called "The Dragon Kings Project", a Kickstarter for a pencil-and-paper Role Playing Game similar to Dungeons and Dragons:

Specifically, it was created by much of the same team that made one of my favorite settings for the Dungeons and Dragons game itself back in the 90s, the Dark Sun setting: Dark Sun Wiki

The makers of the setting actually describe it as the 'spiritual successor' to Dark Sun, as described in this Youtube clip: Dragon Kings Youtube Video

I picked up the World Book recently, and the Pathfinder Rules Supplement for it (they made the World Book generic, with add-on rules packs for several popular games).

On the last page of the Pathfinder Rules supplement, they actually encourage people to freely share it with others, so here I do so (although I hope they aren't embarrassed that someone who makes 3D porn [mostly ^_^] is doing the sharing).

So, if you play Pathfinder, here is a link to the Dragon Kings rules supplement: Dragon Kings for Pathfinder

Alternate Download

It actually has stuff you could probably use for settings other than Dragon Kings.  Personally, I still want to play a Pathfinder version of Dark Sun, but that doesn't mean I can't mine this setting for stuff to use in my campaign, thus making it something unique from all the other Dark Sun campaigns out there.

I may yet do some kind of image (erotic or otherwise) based on the Dragon Kings setting, after I read most of the World Book and Rules Supplement

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