Thursday, August 6, 2015

Baby the Orc

My own quick take on Baby The Ork from 'Bloomin Fairies':
Marshmallow Hell
Miss Handled

The comic is mostly about the sexual misadventures of a traveling knight called Thane, who literally pissed off a faerie and was cursed to be sexually assualted by ANY women he comes near, and to always be.... ready... for the actiom *ahem*.

Baby was a very UGLY orc, but one of the after effects of his curse is that any woman he sleeps with becomes a voluptuous, beautiful woman ^_^

You can use one of the above links to check out the whole series for yourself.

Edit: Wow!!  I shared this at the "Bloomin Faeries" site just for kicks, and it seems to have broken my Site Counter (which topped off at 80k hits the day after).

So a bit "Thanks" to all those who took the time to view the image (now time to find another site counter, I guess :-) )


Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous…

Chup@Cabra said...

Thanks :-)

Funny how this one image, which I really didn't take much time with, is responsible for the most hits on my site ever (it 'broke' my site counter for a couple of days) :-)