Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Stallion's Mate

I'm not really into the 'Furry' fetish, with the possible exceptions of Cheetara and Tigra maybe :-)

Since I do visit several erotic art forums, however, I am exposed to various extremes of the interest.  One seems to be humanoids with the heads of various animals (with various degrees fo 'anthropomorphization' to the heads).

Recently, a content producer by the name of 'Philosopher's Egg' put on sale several of his own 'furry' morphs  for Poser, and impulse buyer that I am, I picked some up, despite not being into 'furry' that much.

Strangely enough, the first one I use isn't for the female, but for the male, since I know that, for whatever strange reasons, well endowed 'Horse Men' and human females seems a popular combination :-)

I may go further with this in the future (planned on it by using a female figure with all the necessary 'naughty parts' morphs :-)), but for now I'm still deep into my 'hiatus' with Dragon Age and such, so no promises (although I am eager to use some of the female 'furry' morphs, partucilarly a 'dragon' one ^_^).

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