Monday, June 1, 2015

Priestess Gothel

his is my attempt at "Mother Gothel" from the movie "Tangled": Mother Gothel Wiki

See my blog for a nude version.

In this image from a slightly 'alternate' universe, she has mastered the magic of the flower, and now serves as a 'Priestess' who grants eternal youth and beauty to her followers :-)

To me, Mother Gothel looked a bit like a 'tooned up' version of Cher, so I used a "Cher" Celebrity Face Morph, and added a little 'Aiko' to make it more toony.

Probably not as good/close to the original as I wanted, but good enough I guess.

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jungleelf said...

She is another case where I would say that the villian is hotter then heroine so yes Mother Gothel is hot.