Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Taking a Dragon Age: Inquisition Break

I recently picked up Dragon Age: Inquisition for sale (half price :-)), and I'm going to try to play through it, now that I finally managed to find a driver for my poor video card that can run it (at the LOWEST resolution, unfortunately :-(, but it still looks okay in my book).

I will of course be inspired to do some Dragon Age images in that time (before too long I'll probably do a version of my own character, and maybe some of the others as I get deeper into the game).

Thing is, I picked up DA I and II before this one (The first was offered for free, and the second for only $20).  I tried playing through DA I but I just couldn't get into it.  What I like about DA:Inquisition is that it has the 'classic' Bioware feel to it (decision wheel, morality choices, and everyone is voice acted [in DA I your character is mute]).

I was pleased, however, to hear "Commander Shepard's" voice come out of my character (yes, I'm playing a female again; I guess I just like female protagonists in my RPGs :-))

Maybe after I play through this one I'll go back and try the other two again.

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