Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sesshoumaru and Elsa

An image I put together for fellow someone at another forum who goes by the name of VanityFair

Recently she stopped by my gallery and gave a few kind words about some of the images.

Now, I fully realize that most of the stuff I produce is meant to appeal to the more prurient interests of the males out there, so when a female actually likes my stuff its something special to me :-)

So as a "Thanks" I offered to do an image for her, and she wanted to see a battle scene between Elsa from "Frozen" and Sesshoumaru from "Inuyasa".

However, after scouring the net for a 'costumel like Sesshoumaru's, I realized I couldn't quite pull off the image she wanted, so I defaulted to something 'sexy', but in this case centering on the male (don't have many 'sexy' pose sets for the male model in my gallery).

This is finally what I came up with.  Although not exactly what she wanted, I'm glad that she was still pleased with the result :-)

Image still needs a little tweaking, so I may re-render it in the future and replace this image.

Okay, now that I've gotten that out of my system, next render will be something Totally Naughty (maybe with Tentacles :-)).

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