Tuesday, April 14, 2015

In The Wyld

A quickie image of a Faun with a fawn ^_^

Technically, she's not a 'true' faun, since she has human legs. I could have done that, but in the end I was just too lazy to add the props and all

If you look carefully you might notice something interesting about this character: she's a little more... hirsute... than any of my other renders

This is because I recently picked up something interesting, a 'body hair' suit for the female character (there are several out there for the male character). Hey, it was on sale, how could I resist?

Although 'hairy' isn't my fetish, I will admit to noticing in 'real life' porn that some women have this light 'fuzz' on their forearms or lower legs, particularly blonde women, which I do find strangely attractive.

With this 'body suit' you can have hair all over the figure, which I did to test it out. What I like about it is that the thickness of the hair can be adjusted to a 'peach fuzz', 'default' [which, except for the 'treasure trail' is used here], or extreme (which I may use for a werewolf in the future). In future images, though, I think I'll leave out the armpit hair (hell, I don't even like my own pit hair, but I hear it itches like crazy if you shave it )

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