Thursday, April 23, 2015

Herald of Andraste

As I mentioned in another post, I am currently playing Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Later on I'll do a nude render of her, and maybe one with whatever chosen mate I pick later and put them up at in the near future.

WARNING: Long rant about my first impressions of the game follow.

This is my attempt at re-creating the character I made, a member of the Qunari race who goes by the name of Herah (auto picked for me, since I'm terrible at naming characters :-)).

Here is a screencap to compare:

Yes, once again I'm playing a female protagonist in a RPG, just like in Mass Effect.  Also, just like my Commander Shepard (who she sounds like :-)), I plan on having this character be of the same sex persuasion when romantically inclined (hey, I guess I'm just letting my inner Lipstick Lesbian out, huh? ^_^)

I tried to make her as feminine as possible, but there really isn't that much of a variation with the faces for female Qunari.  I guess I picked this race because I wanted the most exotic character possible (if I could have I probably would have played an Asari in Mass Effect [hope non-human is an option in ME4]).

I haven't gotten far enough into the game to get a wide variety of choices yet, but a friend of mine pointed out a 'Romance Guide' (and they were the one to convince me to pick up this game, like I did for them in Mass Effect :-)): Inquisition Romance Options

According to this guide, the ones that are most interesting to me are:

Josephine:  I'm interested in this one mainly for my 'inner dialogue'  role playing reasons.  I figure that a born warrior (easiest class to play for me with any new game), would probably be attracted to her because she leads a boring, normal, non-violent life; something Herah might want after all of this is over (and of course the character is attractive... and that accent :-)).

Sera: This is the only other 'lesbian' character (according to the guide) I have met so far, and she would be interesting for one reason only: She seems to be the freakiest of all of them so far (and maybe just a little insane, so the whole "Hot/Crazy Matrix" thing comes into play :-)).

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