Friday, March 20, 2015

Shadow Zero

Edit: you can see a higher resolution version HERE
or download it (for as long as the link lasts, no promises) HERE

This is my first attempt at making my 'own' animation, in that I added Jack to this scene and moved her head around and added expressions.

Still 'baby' steps, but I'm proud of it.

This pre-made animationis called 'boob bang', although the boobs are not quite to my size preferences (and the funny thing is it had two settings, 'normal' and 'big boobs', and this is the so called big boob version ^_^)

For some reason Jack's boobs change shape during the animation, I think it has to do with the 'naughty parts' prop I was using with this character: either my system or version of Poser (9) can't handle it very well, and random morphs pop in after several renders with the same model (and only be fixed with a reboot of my entire system and reloading another model :-( ).

I'm working on uploaoding a higher resolution version to another site, I'll update this post when its done.

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