Saturday, January 17, 2015

Gooey Girl

In the wide world of Hentai, there are just too many fetishes to list, and some of them can be a little strange.

One of them is called 'Goo Girls', and it features images of women composed entirely of jelly, slime, or some such 'gooey' substance.

Here is a link to a site dedicated to such: Goo Girl Hentai

This is not my particular kink, but it did spur my imagination enough to try my own version of a 'goo girl'

I used a 'candle wax' texture for the skin, making it a bit transparent, and within that figure another that had a 'solid glass' texture to provide some light refracting.

I do like the way it came out, although I probably should have added more 'drippy bits' by using some of my 'money shot' props (maybe for next time )

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