Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Krampus and Mrs. Claus

"Mrs. Claus prepares for her yearly fling with some 'special elves' while Hubby is away, but is surprised to get an entirely different visitor!

"The Dreaded Krampus has discovered Mrs. Claus' infidelity, and has come to punish the naughty lady, as she punishes all the naughty children during this season" :-)

My yearly Christmas image featuring the randy MILF Mrs. Claus :-)

Some of you may know, but The Krampus is a entity that has been associated with Saint Nicholas, who punishes the naughty children by whipping them and putting them in his bag to carry off to his lair:  Krampus Wiki

I didn't give my Female Krampus my standard huge jugglies because it got in the way of the pose, but she's a Magical Being, so maybe before the Special Day I'll do something more with her :-)

Edit: Updated this with a set with the "Wild Huntsman" paying a visit, to find Mrs. Claus 'making up' with the Krampus for being so naughty.  So of course he joins in :-)

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